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Mauritson Family Winery

Mauritson Family Winery ix generations of farming has taught us a few things about choosing premium fruit! Each harvest, the best from our 230 acres throughout the Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys is reserved for our Estate Wines. These wines, which include our signature Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, showcase the fruit-forward, floral and spice-driven characteristics attributed to these appellations.


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2859 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA, US, 95448 Email:
Phone: 707-431-0804 Web:
Fax: 707-433-5001
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  Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County
This wine is definitely a sum of its parts. Each of the vineyards brings a unique characteristic to the blend. In the front palate and the nose, it is all Dry Creek Cabernet: bright fruit, hints of mineral, and supple tannins. The mid palate is where the Alexander Valley fruit shows its stuff: signature chalky, dusty tannins, lush mouth feel and ripe red fruit. Last but certainly not least, this is the first year we have been able to use the incredible Rockpile Cabernet in our blend. These are the ties that bind it all together. The amazing intensity of the fruit is discernable from start to finish. The finely grained tannins not only complement the structure of the other vineyards, but give the wine its backbone that will allow it to age gracefully for the next 7-10 years.
  Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc
  Dry Creek Zinfandel
The 2005 Dry Creek Zinfandel is nearly opaque. Raspberries and blackberries jump out of the glass, yet are held in check with complex aromas of mineral, black pepper, and vanilla. With loads of balanced tannins, the mid-palate is surprisingly full of viscous fruit and exotic spices. The finish is everything you would expect from a Mauritson Zinfandel – long and full – leaving you craving more.
  Independence Red Wine
20% Tinta Cão, 20% Touriga Nacional, 20% Sousão, 20% Tinta Madeira and 20% Tannat. In 1999 when we started planting our Rockpile vineyards, I seized the opportunity to fulfill one of my lifelong wine dreams: to make a true vintage port, using the authentic Portuguese varietals. We planted four of the “Big Five” varietals that make up port, as well as taking some creative liberty in planting Tannat. We have exhausted every effort to make this wine as true to a vintage port as possible, all the way down to stomping the grapes with our feet. For you port lovers out there, I think you’ll be very impressed! The 2005 “Independence” is completely opaque. The incredible color and viscosity of this wine are apparent from the second you pour it into your glass. Rich aromas of chocolate and vanilla are complemented by the fragrance of dark fruits. Full and gluttonous in the front palate, phenomenal tannis lay just below the surface of the heady flavors of coco and truffles.
  Jack's Cabin Zinfandel
Opulent and lush, the Jack's Cabin Zinfandel is definitely the jammiest of all the Rockpile zinfandels. There’s no mistaking the raspberry and blackberry in the nose, but it’s the subtle hints of chocolate, vanilla, and black pepper that heighten your senses. The mouth is big and round, full of soft velvet. For all of the ripe fruit, this wine still exhibits the Rockpile signature of great intensity and full tannins. This goes to show, there is a Rockpile Zinfandel for everyone, and some of us, there may be four.
  Madrone Springs Vineyard Petite Sirah
The 2005 Madrone Springs Vineyard Petite Sirah is in a word, HUGE! There is no mistaking the density of the wine when you swirl it in your glass. The black and violet hues cling to the glass, not only showing off the color, but the viscosity as well. The nose is a mixture of minerals and black current which is perfectly accented by the hints of sweet oak. The front palate lets you know that this wine has a long life ahead. Broad tannins sweep across your mouth like a dense fog enveloping the coastline. The fruit returns in the form of a chocolate cherry bon-bon; rich and complex, leading you to think, “I can’t have just one”. The finish is seemingly never-ending. You may be tasting it in your sleep, or then again, it could just be a dream…
  Westphall Ridge Zinfandel
This vineyard is characterized by its perfect western sun exposures, red volcanic soil, and steep slope. The sun exposure provides phenolic maturity without over ripe flavors. The soil composition and extreme slop are what really set this Zinfandel apart. The result of deep root systems and stressed vines, the nose is blend of minerals and spices. The tannins are very well integrated, allowing you to appreciate the full array of flavors being set forth by this wine.


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