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Karma Vista Vineyards

Karma Vista Vineyards Welcome to Karma Vista Vineyards and winery, one of Michigan's newest wineries from one of the state's oldest farm families. We are a few miles inland from Lake Michigan on a beautiful hillside vineyard above the small town of Coloma. Somewhere between Napa and Bordeaux, yet 90 minutes or less from Chicago, South Bend, Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo. Join us at our tasting room as we watch traffic on the highway far below us and try to decide why everyone else is in such a big hurry. Wine with a point of view. See you soon.

I-94 Exit 39 Coloma, right at exit, right 1 mile at first stoplight.

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6991 Ryno Road, Coloma, MI, US, 49038 Email:
Phone: 269-468-9463 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc
One of the classic varieties of France, Cabernet Franc is destined to be one of the finest wine grapes grown in Michigan. A late ripening grape, the flavor is as spectacular as the color of Michigan leaves in October and almost as dry.
Grown from France to Australia, Africa to California, Chardonnay seems to adapt to every climate. Michigan summers are perfect for allowing the grape to ripen slowly and develop its full fruit flavor. We are after all, the other west coast. Just a little cooler!
  Cherri Amour
Lovely as a summer's day. Another little wonder from Michigan. Our state is the country's largest producer of cherries used for baking. We like to think of our wine as a great way to have your pie and drink it too!
  Coloma Sol
Our blend of chardonnay and hybrid white varieties vidal and seyval. Citrus in the finish, perfect for sitting on the deck.
  Cote D'Loma
For more than a century the hills of Coloma have been producing fruit of the highest quality. Not far from the beaches of Lake Michigan. The grapes for our wine spend a glorious summer sunbathing on the hillsides. Pretty nice life pretty nice wine.
Merlot, I love you, won't you tell me your name? A French word meaning "Little Black Bird," Merlot is a delicate grape variety with a soft parade of flavors that everyone adores.
  Pink Side of the Moon
The lunatic is in my red! Life is more than just red and white, us and them. Pink is where it's at. We developed this one during a momentary lapse of Riesling. Both the wine and the one drinking it are the best served decidedly cool.
  Razz M'tazz
A mouthful of raspberries in every sip. Back by popular demand. Pairs well with our dark chocolate shot glasses.
The Riesling (REE-sling) grape actually thrives in cooler growing areas. It has long been a favorite in Northern France and Germany and seems to be very much at home in Michigan. This tiny white grape harvests very late in season and packs a wonderful sparkling taste.
  Ryno Red
Legend has it that the mythical Red Ryno of Coloma can be seen dancing above Ryno road in the September clouds of harvest time. Taste the great fruit flavor of these Michigan grapes and you'll see why. He knows his wine.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Wonderful bright citrus flavor. An exceptional food wine. To our knowledge, the only Michigan grown Sauvignon Blanc.
  Starry Starry White
A vine sent classic. Wine is like great art or perhaps great art is like wine. A moment in time captured for all to enjoy. This Riesling based blend is a semi-sweet wine that belongs in everyone's collection of masterpieces. Great with American Pie.


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