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Four Sisters Winery

Four Sisters Winery Four Sisters Winery sits nestled in a beautiful valley amidst the rolling fields and picturesque hills of Warren County, New Jersey. It is part of an agricultural tradition carried on by Matty and Laurie Matarazzo on their 392-acre farm, which reflects their commitment to the land and its fruitfulness. Since 1981, when wine grapes were planted amongst the myriad fruits and vegetables, Matty and Laurie have actualized the bountiful grape growing and award-winning wine making in New Jersey. Since the 1984 opening, Four Sisters Winery continues to offer the public a variety of quality wines in a warm country setting. Educational tours and a knowledgeable staff offer visitors a greater understanding of the processes involved in growing grapes and making wine. This education, coupled with wine tasting, serve to enhance the visitor's appreciation of our wines.

From NY, GWB, Rockaway: Take I-80 W, Exit 12 (Hope/Blairstown). Make a left at the bottom of the ramp and continue straight through the flashing light. We are 6 miles from I-80 on the right. From Stroudsburg, Pa: Take I-80 E, Exit 12 (Hope/ Blairstown). Make a right at the bottom of the ramp and continue straight through the flashing light. We are 6 miles from I-80 on the right. From Route 46 East: Make a left at the traffic light at the Junction of R.t 519. Take 519 north for 3 miles. We are on the left. From Hackettstown: Take Rt. 46 W. Pass intersection of Rt. 31 and continue straight until the next light (Jct. Rt. 519). Make a right at the traffic light (Jct. Rt. 519). Take Rt. 519 north for 3 miles. We are on the left.

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10 Doe Hollow Lane, Belvidere, NJ, US, 07823 Email:
Phone: 908-475-3671 Web:
Fax: 908-475-3555
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  *Maggie's Magic
A semi-sweet sparkling wine produced in the renowned method of methode champenoise. It's fruity bouquet and smooth finish make it an excellent choice for any occasion.
  Autumn Rouge
A semi-sweet rose wine. This wine's regal color and crisp flavor combine all of the wonders of the harvest season to make any meal a gourmet extravaganza.
  Beaver Creek Red
A delightfully sweet red wine with a fruity flavor and flowery bouquet. Made from Concord grapes.
A marvelous blend of Old World character and New World vigor. Flowery in nose and mild in tartness, an excellent semi-dry wine for salads and delicate main dishes.
  Cedar Hill Rose
A fruity, sweet wine dominated by Niagara grapes. Great aroma and flavor. For all occasions.
  Cedar Hill White
A light straw color with a unique blend of fruit and flower aroma produce a semi-sweet with a subtle, tart finish. A true all-occasion wine.
A dry red wine with full fruit aroma and flavor combined with a complex bouquet to provide a wine that will not overpower main dishes.
A crisp, dry wine from a Chardonnay parent. This wine is excellent with salads and seafood, yet complex and robust enough to accompany pork or beef.
  Cherry Melissa
An excellent blend of tart cherry and English sweet cherry juices. Full flavor and aroma combined with excellent body produce a dessert delight.
  Holiday Seasoned
Spicy and sweet all occasion red table wine.
  Leon Millot
Dry, red wine with robust aroma and an abundance of complex fruit character. Great with roasts, pasta, and seasoned dishes.
  Leon Millot Reserve
Aged in oak this dry red wine features a flavorful aroma, ruby red color and an a wonderful oak after taste. Great with steaks, pasta, or pork.
  Merrill Blush
A delicious blush with just a hint of sweetness and tartness. A refreshing wine enjoyed by both sweet and dry wine lovers.
Exceptionally fruity, grapey, semi-sweet, and delicious. This wine always sparks childhood memories of eating grapes off the vine.
A crisp, sweet wine named after Matty's Grandmother. This wine is excellent with salads and seafood, as a pre dinner wine or for sipping while watching your favorite movie.
  Papa's Red
Medium bodied, a little tart, with a rich nose, this dry table wine is full of complex fruit flavor derived mostly from Baco Noir grapes.
  Robin's Raspberry
This dessert wine is sweet and full of red raspberry fruitiness. A mouth-watering treat. Limited quantity
  Sadie's Apple
Light gold and semi-sweet with a crisp finish. Made from several varieties of late harvest apples. Excellent with cheese, a meal, or even by itself.
  Seyval Blanc
A delicately dry, smooth varietal of French origin.
  Seyval Reserve
An oak aged wine with a very dry finish. The right choice for well-seasoned dishes.
  Spicy Sister
A semi-sweet, spiced apple wine that can be enjoyed chilled or warmed.
  Strawberry Serena
Bursting with sweet strawberry fruity flavor, with a mild, dry finish. A great dessert wine with endless possibilities for home-made dessert recipes.
  Vidal Blanc
A delicate fruity aroma accompanies this well-balanced, dry wine. Superb with white sauce main dishes.
  Warren Hills Red
A blended, dry, red wine with complex, full aroma and bouquet. Wonderful robust and lingering flavor makes this the perfect red dinner wine for all occasions.
  Warren Hills White
A semi-sweet wine bringing to the glass all the magificent spendor of this grand area. Its flowery nose and mouth-pleasing body make this wine a repeat performer for all meals.


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