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Phoenix Vineyards

Phoenix Vineyards The Bader family has been in the wine grape growing business since the family bought eight acres in the Western Napa Valley Together the family works to produce Phoenix Vineyards' small output of 2,500 cases annually. Now three generations are involved in the wine-making business, producing estate wines crafted from some of the best vineyards in the Napa Valley. This winery is all about attention to their grapes and to their clientele. The first vintage was a 1991 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, and in the following years the varietals expanded to include an Estate Merlot in 1995 ("Little Blackbird," an award winner, with a raspberry cassis and a sandalwood finish), and in 1999 with an Estate Pinotage "Song of Africa," a "symphony of cranberries," according to the Baders. Phoenix continues to explore as it grows, including a spicy, peppery Pinot Noir Reserve, and the green apple and tropical fruity Chardonnay Reserve. Tours of Phoenix Vineyards are available, but reservations are necessary, as it is, literally, a family-run business, so phone or email first. There one can sample Phoenix's own Estate Olive Oil, made with the exact same care as their exquisite wines. Certainly the Bader family lives by the motto: "Wine is for the enjoying of life.

From the South: 1. Take Highway 29 North to get to Napa. 2. Pass the first few exits (Imola Ave., First Street, Lincoln Ave.) 3. Pass the first stoplight at Redwood Road/Trancas Ave. 4. Turn LEFT at second stoplight (TROWER AVE.) 5. TROWER AVE. ends at Dry Creek Road. 6. Turn RIGHT onto DRY CREEK ROAD. 7. Follow DRY CREEK ROAD past Linda Vista Ave. 8. After Linda Vista Ave. look to the left for our address on mailbox (the driveway will be approx. 1 mile from TROWER AVE.) 9. At the 3163, 3167 and 3175 DRY CREEK ROAD Mailboxes (in one group) turn LEFT up driveway. NOTE: there is a sign for Phoenix Vineyards a few feet up the drive. NOTE ALSO: if you reach ORCHARD AVE., you have gone TOO far; turn around. 10. Pass the houses on either side and pass through the gate to immediately park. 11. The winery in the brown and white building at your immediate right. From the North: 1. Head South on Highway 29 towards Napa. 2. Pass Yountville (stoplight at Madison Ave.) 3. Pass the stoplights at Salvador Ave. and Wine Country Ave. 4. Turn RIGHT at next stoplight (TROWER AVE.) 5. see steps 5 through 11 above.

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3175 Dry Creek Road, Napa, CA, US, 94558 Email:
Phone: 877-374-6364 Web:
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  1996 Chenin Blank Ice Wine
This wine is a beauty, clean and sweetly soft and seductive. Tropical hints of pear, mellon and guava. No need to age this sweetheart because shes ready to go. Before or after dinner, whatever is your pleasure, this wine aims to be your lover. Enjoy!
  1996 NV Dry Muscat
Our 1996 Dry Muscat wine is a classic expression of the musk, intense and still vibrant in older age. Even thought she is now a senoir citizen, this lady has real character and spunk. A real conversation wine.
  Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2000 growing season produced another Estate Cabernet Sauvignon wine having classic structure and intense varietal character. This one though is supple and elegant. The wine has a very dark garnet color yet a youthfull vibrance that keeps on coming. Aromas of cassis and cherry-berry fruit predominate with well integrated sweet oak notes. A velvety smooth finish gives this wine the appeal of a sumptuous kiss rather than a tannic bite. Enjoy now without regrets!
  NV Cabernet Sauvignon
At this point the 1998 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is showing a complex aroma profile with sage, black pepper, cola, cherry and hints of vanilla with exposure to air. It is a wine more concerned with elegance than with brute extract. The flavors range from meat and plum to cassis and caramel as they linger into the soft finish. This wine will pair very well with many dishes including beef, lamb and duck or even sauteed portabello mushrooms with garlic and Parmesan cheese. As such, it should provide many years of enjoyment. Salud!
  NV Chardonnay Reserve
Our 2002 Chardonnay Reserve is a wine of classic structure and rich complexity. The growing season was marked by and evenly warm summer that produced an early ripening crop. This allowed full flavors to develop. The wines acidity is lively with a viscous mouth feel coming from sur-lie aging and lees stirring. Notes of pear, green apple and tropical fruit as well as some toasty aromas of caramel and butterscotch predominate. This wine, while enjoyable now, should age for several years. In its youth it should pair well with seafood and salads. And as it ages it will partner even better with poultry and light pasta dishes. Enjoy!
  NV Estate Merlot
The 2001 growing season produced a Merlot wine of classic structure and exceptional varietal character we have come to expect from our Estate vineyard. While it is closed in its youth, in time this wine will show its full depth and concentration. The aromas will evolve into scents of dark fruits like plumb and blackberry exuding from the glass. Also characters of sandalwood and vanilla mingle with cassis and raspberry lingering on the finish. This long lived wine will pair well with any red meat entree. Enjoy!
  NV Estate Pinotage
The 2001 harvest produced a Pinotage of classic structure and intense characters unique to this grape. The 2001 growing season was early and ideai for full bodied red wines. The wine has a deep magenta color and juicy fruit aromas. Aromas of berry preserves, plum and cinnamonabound while cranberry and briar flavors linger through the aftertaste. This wine is a perfect match for spring and summer fare including foods from the backyard grill.Decant the wine at least 20 minutes before serving. Enjoy!
  NV Estate Pinotage
This only our second varietal Pinotage release,and a good one. The 2000 growing season was extended and and cooler giving the grapes a longer hang time. This produced a more forwardly fruity wine with better color and juicy, ripe red fruit aromas. Aromas of berry fruit preserves, plum and cinnamon can be found while cranberry and briar flavors linger on the finsh. Our Pinotage wine is th perfect foil for spring and summer table fare, including foods from the backyard grill. With its vibrant fruit and rich texture it is sure to please many wine drinkers. Enjoy!
  NV Pinot Noir Reserve
The 2002 harvest poduced a Pinot Noir with soft and subtle structure and intense varietal character. The growing season was marked by even warmth. The vineyards that produced this wine were 20 years old and gave us full ripe fruit. We bottled this wine unfiltered and unfined to preserve maximum flavors for the bottle. Minimal interference produces better pinot. This wine should age gracefully for several years. The color is dark garnet with a ruby brick edge. Nice aromas of briar and pepper predominate the nose along with hints of cassis and spice. Our Pinot Noir Reserve should pair nicely with beef, pork and any dish with mushroom or spice accents. Enjoy!
  NV Pinot Noir Reserve
The 2000 growing season was moderate, starting out idealy warm in spring and ending cooler than average in the fall. In essence an ideal pinot year producing good wines of exceptional color and fruit. The wine is fruit forward in style with a vibrant and rich texture. This wine is ready to drink and very approachable. It should pair with any red meat, poulty and seafood too. Our Pinot is a perfect backyard grill partner!
  NV Pinot Noir Reserve
This wine, while very pleasant now, should be enjoyable with age for a number of years. The color is a medium pale ruby with a slight brick edge. At first, aromas of cassis and spices (briar, pepper) show in the wine. With time you may notice tobacco, fennel, soy sauce and truffle characters as well. In the mouth, tart cherry flavors begin with the wines silky texture taking over in the mid-palate. There are more soy sauce notes and a hint of mint as well as some faint barrel notes in the late palate while the aftertaste is lingering and soft. In its youth our 1999 Pinot Noir Reserve should pair nicely with1 beef, pork or fish entrees. Any dish with mushroom accents (risotto?) or dried aromatic spices is recommended. As the bottle character develops it should match well with rich, earthy cheeses also. Enjoy this Reserve bottling!
  NV Rancho Napa Red Wine
Proprietary blend of Bordeaux varietals goes well with most red meat dishes.
  NV Sangiovese
The color is a deep ruby red with a red rim. Aromas of cherry preserves, cranberry and briar show in the nose along with pepper and cedar notes. These flavors carry on in the mouth followed by a hint of pepper late in the palate. The flavors linger and the smooth finish shows soft tannin. This wine can be enjoyed now or over the next several years. It would pair well with a wide range of foods including lamb and pork as well as pasta dishes. Those with more daring may try it with paella!


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