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Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Island Winery The winery was established in 1979. Pelee Island Winery has over 550 acres of Vineyards and believes that to produce the best wines you also have to grow the best grapes. The Island provides a very unique microclimate and natural environment. Pelee Winery hired viticulturists Bruno Friesen, to maintain the natural balance of the island. The Pelee vineyards comprise the largest private estate in Canada. It is the most Southern winery in Canada.

From Windsor: Take highway 3 until #29 townline into Kingsville (also called Division) At the Main Street/ Division St. stop light, turn left. Proceed through two more lights and the winery is on the right (455 Seacliff Dr. County Rd. 20). From Toronto: DETOUR INFORMATION: West bound drivers on the 401 travelling to Leamington must exit on Highway 42 then south on Highway 37 and finally west on Highway 46 to Highway 77 which leads into Leamington. Turn right at the Highway 77/ Highway 20 intersection just before the Leamington dock. Follow Highway 20 for approximately 14 kilometres. Just before Kingsville, the Winery is on the left, 455 Seacliff (Cty Rd. 20). There are two ferries that service the island. The Pelee Islander and the Jiimaan arrive at the West Dock on the island. These ferries carry vehicles as well as passengers the boat ride takes approximately 90 minutes. You must call ahead to book passage 1-800-661-2220. Dockage is at the West Dock a 10-15 minute walk from the Pavilion. From the dock turn right (south) on West Shore Road then turn left on East West Road the Pavilion is on your right. From the Kingsville mainland dock to the Winery is a 5 minute drive. From the parking lot turn right onto Park Street. At the stop sign turn left onto Lakeview Avenue. Follow this road it will bend left and turn into Wigle Avenue. At the stop sign turn right onto Seacliff Drive / County Road #20. We are on the right side just past the Tim

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455 Seacliff Drive, Kingsville, ON, CA, N9Y 2K5 Email:
Phone: 519-733-6551 Web:
Fax: 519-733-6553
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  Baco Noir - VQA
Wine for people who enjoy a robust, rustic wine. The feeling of a cottage in the woods and a campfire.
  Blanc de Blanc - VQA
Lighthearted, fruity wine that packs lots of refreshment. Fun to drink anytime. You'll love it - they'll love it too. One of our most popular wines.
A substantial, solid wine, living up to Cabernet's reputation as the manly red.
  Cabernet Franc - VQA
You'll find very ripe, plummy-sweet flavours and richness in this wine. There is also a rustic character. The French would call it a bistro, elbows on the table wine.
  Cabernet Franc Icewine
An elegant, rich, ruby red wine, with intense cassis and strawberry jam flavours that linger on your palate.
  Cabernet Franc Reserve
A medium bodied wine with lots of immediate fruit. Cabernet Franc is sometimes termed the Cabernet Sauvignon's 'lesser' cousin (due to having similar structure and flavour but less acid and not as intense blue-purple colour overtones) - but it is by no means lesser in quality of great wines. Doing exceptionally well in Ontario, due to the cooler climate that enhances the varietal profile of these aromatic and herbaceous wines, our Cabernet Franc is leading the way in quality and this is apparent in the Vinedresser series from Pelee Island Winery.
  Cabernet Merlot
One of our winemakers favourites! A well-crafted blend from our best vineyards delivers an amazing balance between wild cherries, strawberries and ripe raspberries. You can't go wrong with this Pelee Island stunner.
  Cabernet Sauvignon - VQA
One of the most fascinating red wines we produce, it is voluptuous, with tremendous staying power and hints of small berries, currants, and oak.
  Chardonnay - VQA
We make this Chardonnay in a fruity style so it has lots of charm and a drink-me quality. It's refreshing too. We're tempted to say that it's yummy but that's for you to decide.
  Chardonnay Barrique
The new French Oak barrels used in the fermenting of this Chardonnay gives the wine a subtle, almost creamy vanilla topping to the grape aromas, along with an extra dimension of delicate spiciness to the taste."
  Eco Trail - VQA
This wine combines the characteristics of dried berry fruit and light cherry notes with fine tannins and vanilla aromas.
  Eco Trail Blanc - VQA
A true Ontario blend of Scheurebe, Riesling and Pinot Blanc. A yin- yang of sweet floral flavours and refreshing tartness. Off-dry.
A big blas of spicy/sweet and exotic flavours. Are we showing off? Of course. Give yourself a treat. This is one of our signature wines.
  Gewurztraminer Reserve - VQA
Spicy, and lychee flavours; you'll love this one!
  Late Harvest Scheurebe
This wine has an enticing scent of melons and flowers, while reflecting the ripe black currant and sweet grapefruit flavours for which Scheurebe wines are famous.
  Late Harvest Vidal - VQA
Ontario is known for its Vidal Ice wines and this is our junior edition. A luscious, sweet, but-not-too-sweet drink to sip whenever.
A blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes in the style of the classic wines of Bordeaux. Complex, concentrated wine that combines richness with elegance.
Our Merlot is quite herbaceous with a tangy, appetizing character. And lots of vitality. Very much a food wine.
  Merlot - Vinedresser Series
One of our fullest reds, with the warmhearted character that Merlot fans enjoy. A good balance of richness, mellow sweet flavours and the essential bite for food. Delicious now but could be aged a year or two.
  Merlot Cabernet
Semi-rich red with smokey, fall-like flavours. Gutsy wine for a hearty meal.
  Monarch Vidal - VQA
The Vidal grape produces wine with bold tropical fruit flavours. An exotic experience. We make this wine in an off-dry, easy sipping style.
  Pinot Blanc - VQA
Our Pinot Blanc is a medium bodied dry wine, scented with hints of almond.
  Pinot Grigio
Crisp and refreshing. Serve it at your next barbecue. Or enjoy it with white meat dishes.
  Pinot Gris
Classic dry white wine with crunchy green apple freshness. Yes Pinot Gris is the same as Pinot Grigio.
  Pinot Noir - VQA
Easy-drinking and charm are the features in our Pinot Noir. It suggests good times with friends.
  Pinot Noir Reserve - VQA
Richer more concentrated version of our regular Pinot Noir
  Premium Select Chardonnay - VQA
An oak-aged wine, so expect spicy flavours and richness. This is our most substantial white. When is dinner time?
  Regatta Cabernet
This brilliant red wine has fine tannins, a firm structure and moderately intense cherry and spice flavours.
  Regatta Chardonnay
This firm, dry Chardonnay is vibrant, fresh and enticing. Peach and melon flavours are harmonized with a balanced acidity, leaving a refreshing feel in the mouth that lingers on a lively finish.
  Reserve Zweigelt - Vinedressers
Deep colour carries luscious plum and slightly nutty aromas. A lovely, dancing finish for a wine that will also be very age worthy.
  Riesling Dry - VQA
Distinctive dry Riesling zest and uplifting character. A WOW for sure! The tease of peach flavour adds fun to the vitality.
We craft our Rosé from the Zweigelt grape for fruitiness and the Cabernet for an herbaceous tang. The style is off-dry so it's versatile.
  Sauvignon Blanc
A refreshing, light-bodied wine so delicious it will leave you reaching for a refill in minutes. Apple and stone fruit flavours are rounded out by mineral character.
  Shiraz Cabernet
This wine has a frank, good for everyday quality. Fruity/sweetness edged with a refreshing bite. Good house wine.
  Vidal Icewine - VQA
This dessert wine is lusciously sweet and smooth with rich, concentrated aromas of apricots and peaches.
  William Hutt's Chardonnay
We make this Chardonnay in a fruity style so it has lots of charm and a drink-me quality. It's refreshing too. We're tempted to say that it's yummy but that's for you to decide.
  William Hutt's Gamay Noir Zweigelt - VQA
This Gamay Noir Zweigelt features a photograph of William Hutt as Prospero in the 2005 production of The Tempest at the the Stratford Festival of Canada.
  Zweigelt / Gamay Noir - VQA
This has lots of vitality. Quite tangy dry and refreshing so it really livens the palate, and makes you hungry. These grape varieties produce a wine with a bright, cheerful character.


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