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Granite Creek Winery

Granite Creek Winery Mayka and Doug Kennedy began winemaking at home, and their enthusiasm led them to explore the wine regions of Europe. Mayka's degree in Chemistry and chemical engineering are a strong asset in understanding the technical side of winemaking. Her skills are complemented by Doug's management experience, and both have a love of wine. The watchful eye of Gary Strachan has mentored the family through the establishment of their first vineyard, the acquisition of equipment, and their first fermentations. Strachan is a veteran with over 25 years of technical experience in British Columbia's growing wine industry. He is a former Agriculture Canada research scientist who returned to the private sector, and has assisted the establishment of many of BC's impressive new wineries.


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2302 Skimikin Road, Tappen, BC, CA, V0E 2X0 Email:
Phone: 250-835-0049 Web:
Fax: 250-835-0048
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Our Chardonnay has been described as full bodied with a hint of oak, big fruity background, mature berries and mouth filling. In British Columbia and Idaho, Chardonnay is a different grape than elsewhere. The wines tend to be more fruit-driven, less oaky and higher in natural acidity, making them perfect for seafood.
Bronze Award - Northwest Wine Summit. Slightly sweet. Serves up fragrant pineapple and clove aromas and juicy fruit-cocktail flavors. Lively acids add zing, while orange peel and spice notes round out the finish. Sip on its own or with fruit and cheese.
  Ehrenfelser Select Late Harvest
Silver Award - Northwest Wine Summit, Bronze Award - Starwine International Wine Competition. Our Ehrenfelser Late Harvest is beautifully balanced, very peachy with rich fruity nose and palate, pleasing sweetness done in a dessert style. Late harvest wines are from grapes left on the vines past traditional harvest times so more sugar can develop. The resulting wines are sweeter and can be quite delicious. All Northwest wine regions produce late harvest wines from a number of varieties, though often Riesling is the grape of choice. Late harvest wines tend to be inexpensive, though some wineries put a great deal of care and effort into their versions, thus the prices can go up accordingly.
  Marechal Foch
Our Foch exhibits a beautiful deep ink purple colour with spicy black cherry notes followed with the right amount of earthiness, loganberry, plum and violet. Foch is typically acid driven, which makes it naturally food friendly, as well as lending to good aging potential.
While most wines are named after a single varietal, Meritage wines represent thehighest form of the winemaker's art. Blending only the varietals traditionallygrown in Bordeaux, Meritage wines are the pinnacle of quality for the winemaker. Our Meritage is comprised of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Rich full aroma, blackberry, cherry, spicy, black pepper, hint of chocolate, cigar box with a strawberry finish. Goes well with most meats from steaks- fillet mignon, to pheasant and game meats.
A nicely balanced wine with flavors of black cherry, plum, orange, and violets. Excellent with medium heavy dishes, beef, rich red pastas, and heavy chicken dishes.
  Merlot Fortified Dessert Wine
Silver Award - Northwest Wine Summit. A delicious rich dessert wine produced under the time honored traditional technique of European ports. Spicy rich chocolate, black pepper, smoky, vanilla, black cherry. Goes beautifully after dinner by itself, or accompanied with rich chocolates and cigars.
  Pinot Gris
Bronze Award - Northwest Wine Summit. Our Pinot Gris has a hint of oak, nice body and balance, earthy, with a hint of strawberries. Pinot Gris (pronounced "PEE-no gree") is Oregon's second-most-popular grape after Pinot Noir. It may well be the ultimate food wine, thanks to its fresh fruit flavors, versatility, bright acidity and youthful approachability. Washington, too, is making a good amount of Pinot Gris with success. But it might be British Columbia's Okanagan Valley where Pinot Gris shines next. The northerly climates provide great natural acidity and clean, fresh flavors that pair beautifully with the abundant seafood served in the restaurants of Vancouver and Victoria.
  Pinot Noir
Bronze Award - Northwest Wine Summit. Beautifully balanced Pinot Noir done in a dry style. Flavors of vanilla, leather, hazelnut, raspberry, strawberry, plum, and orange blossom. Complements well with pastas with red sauce, game, lighter meats.


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