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Equinox EQUINOX entered into physical existance October 12, 1989 (we had been thinking about it for quite awhile beforehand). Trout Gulch Vineyard Chardonnay was harvested that day to become our first vintage. Thursday began cold and overcast with a miserable drizzle, that gave way to a blazing afternoon (typical weather in the Mountains). Sorting grapes was our son's (then 12 years old) first exposure to winemaking. The experience is still vivid in his memory. The chardonnay was pressed-off that afternoon and evening, settled overnight and barreled-down the following day for fermentation. So far, so good.


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  1994 Blanc de Blanc Cuvee de Chardonnay
This cuvee of 100% chardonnay is blended to reflect the multi-faceted character of the variety. Trout Gulch Vineyard fruit is showcased by the fine, acid structure, firm middle palate and citrus highlights. The Christie Vineyard provides the bright apple-honey flavors and the creamy-textured palate. FOUR YEARS "en tirage" enhances the toasty-hazelnut aromas.
  1995 Blanc de Blanc Cuvee de Chardonnay
Golden-hued from five years aging "En Tirage", the 100% Chardonnay cuvee yields a complex aroma of spice, fresh sourdough, hazelnut and citrus. An induced partial malo-lactic fermentation, to reduce acidity, broadens the mid-palate and softens the finish. The richness of the cuvee allows the '95 to be finished with ZERO dosage.
  1996 Blanc de Blanc Cuvee de Chardonnay
  Harmony Cuvee - Brut - Non Vintage
71% Chardonnay - 29% Pinot Noir. Harmony Cuvee reflects the traditional assemblage of wines for "Brut" styled Champagne. Chardonnay provides the structure and backbone for the euvee, as well as the crisp ripe- apple and tropical fruit undertones in the aroma. Pinot Noir brings voluptuousness to the palate and a supple texture to the very dry finish.


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