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Lulu Island Winery

Lulu Island Winery At one time, Lulu Island was known as Blossom Winery. Blossom was well renowned for it’s quality fruit wines and icewines throughout North America, as well as Asia. But our wine maker wanted more, he wanted to apply his talents towards making table wines! So Blossom underwent a transformation. We built a new 7 million dollar facility just outside of Richmond and changed our name to Lulu Island Winery, in honour of the land we built our winery on. The island of Richmond, just south of Vancouver, BC was once named Lulu Island. It is rumoured that the name Lulu came from the mistress of a great Duke who first pioneered this land. That of course caused a huge scandal and the name had to be changed to what we now know as Richmond.


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16880 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC, CA, V6V 1A8 Email:
Phone: 604-232-9839 Web:
Fax: 604-232-9836
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Rich nose, delicate and clean, light blueberry flavor, sweet and slightly candied. Best served chilled.
The world’s best known white grape! Famous because of the French, and also from the Okanagan Valley and its unique climate conditions, which allow the grape to slowly mature and ripen. Beautiful aromas of green apple and honey with a soothing lemony taste.
This wine has a wonderful aroma of lychee and passion fruit. The Gewurz grape is naturally high in sugar. When crafted in traditional off dry style, it truly brings out the soul of this grape variety. An instant favorite amongst wine lovers!
This smooth Merlot will dance on your palate demonstrating the best of this variety has to offer. Slight hint of oak, a nice balance of tannins and fruit making this an ideal red wine. This is one wine you’ll find perfect on its own or ideal with red meat.
Lovely color, clean and vibrant, obvious raspberry nose, full Bodied. Preferred by those who appreciate the natural flavors and aromas of freshly harvested fruit. Best served chilled.
  Red Icewine
The Red Icewine is truly a wine lovers treasure as red must struggle hard to last on the vines until the late winter so that we may pick them when frozen to produce this liquid gold. This red icewine has intense aromas of cherries and red currant.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc can be described in 3 simple words: crisp, clean and elegant. You’ll find a welcoming bouquet of grapefruit on your nose that will lead to a memorable citrus experience on your palate.
  White Icewine
Our Icewine was produced with “Happy” grapes from our most recent vintage. While everyone was ringing in the New Year, we’re busy in the vineyards picking grapes to produce what we’d like to call our “Happy New Year Icewine”. May good luck be bestowed upon those who give and receive this special vintage.


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