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Red Oak Vineyard

Red Oak Vineyard Red Oak is a family owned and operated winery and vineyard that prides itself on maintaining traditional wine making processes. Our wines are made by temperature controlled fermentations to bring out added flavor and qualities to our wines. Wines that need to age in oak barrels are aged in our cool aging room.


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325 N. Third Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, WI, US, 54235 Email:
Phone: 920-743-7729 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc,
The enticing combination of aromas of black pepper, licorice and black currant provide a fresh taste. Made from Sonoma County, California grapes grown on the Pigoni Ranch.
  Cabernet Sauvignon,, Lodi
Made from grapes grown in Lodi California. Peppery black currant aromas mingle with berry and vanilla fragrances in this plush Cabernet Sauvignon.
  Cabernet Sauvignon,, Sonoma Mountain
Made from grapes grown on Sonoma Mountain in California and aged in Oak gives this wine a great blend in the Cabernet Style. Tannin development will allow this wine to age briefly.
  Captain Nick's Port,
Captain Nick's Port is named after Captain Nick Wagener who was the youngest captain on the Great Lakes for his time. On the cold windy wet nights a splash of port provided warmth after a hard day's work. The dark toasted coffee with deep vanilla blend of aromas provides the ideal after dinner drink on those cold northern nights.
A distinct lemon, pear, tropical, and citrus taste with a smooth melon flavor is found in this Chablis style Chardonnay produced by prohibiting malactic fermentation. Made from grapes grown at the Sangiacomo Vineyards in California
A very smooth silky finish with this Chardonnay. Made in the traditional California style. The wine has gone through malalactic fermentation and has a toasted aroma. You may sense lemon and citrus that is well balanced with the toast. Enjoy this wine with chicken finish. Made from grapes grown in the Suisun Valley of California.
  Cherry Beaujolais,
This wine is a Door County Cherry Wine that is unlike any other Door County Cherry Wine. Traditional French fermentation and Sur lees aging provides a smoothness to this wine that is enhanced by natural Door County cherry flavors and aromas.
  Faux Chablis,
This medium body Chardonnay has a great citrus and creamy lemon aroma and a crisp clean finish. The bouquet was created by aging the wine on lees and using sur lies and batonage techniques that are used in Chablis, France. This requires that the wine be delicately stirred once or twice weekly for a year. Malo Lactic fermentation was prevented to influence the crispness to this wine. It is made from grapes grown in the Los Carneros area of California.
Made from grapes from Columbia Gorge. A beautiful bouquet of citrus and floral aromas envelops this Gewürztraminer.
  Pinot Noir Los Carneros, Reserve
Our 2004 Pinot Noir Los Carneros Reserve was made from the UCDavis Clone 18. This clone gives a deep brick red color. The wine was aged in medium toast oak for one year. This wine carries the oak very well and is an excellent compliment to the black berry and currant aroma. Subtle notes of cinnamon and spice add to the complexity. Only 2 barrels were made.
  Pinot Noir,
This Pinot Noir came from grapes grown on the North Coast of California and provides a blend of blackberry and raspberry with an underlying hazelnut fragrance. A wonderful light and fruity wine.
  Sauvignon Blanc,
Made from grapes from Columbia Gorge. Bursting with floral, citrus and tropical fruit, this wine has an excellent aroma and a dry finish.
  Sunset Blush,
his beautiful blush wine has a color that is reminiscent of a wonderful Door County sunset. More important, it has a light fruity taste and is a wonderful wine to be enjoyed in the afternoon. This wine, a White Zinfandel with a touch of Gewürztraminer, provides a refreshing surge of rosy floral aromas and fruity flavoring reminiscent of peaches and apricots. Made from grapes grown in California.
  Sweet Cherry Wine
A cherry wine with creamy vanilla accents provides a great new and refreshing desert wine. Made from Door County fruit.
  White Reisling,
Smooth finish with accents of floral and citrus aromas. Made from grapes grown in Suisun Valley, California.


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