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John Ernest Vineyard & Winery

John Ernest Vineyard & Winery John Ernest Vineyard and Winery provides a banquet facility area that seats up to 70 people. You, your friends, and family can also enjoy our variety of gift items in our gift shop, which includes beautiful candles, lovely baskets, and quality wine. If you would like to visit our vineyard and winery, you and your friends can stay and enjoy our wine-tasting opportunities. Enjoy our great banquet services and wine at our John Ernest Vineyard and Winery.


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3291 N Avenue, Tama, IA, US, 52339-9209 Email:
Phone: 641-484-8048 Web:
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  Bohemie Blush Rosé
Our own blend of rhubarb and blueberry wine. It’s a wonderful, fruity and sweet wine that’s best when served chilled.
A white wine that’s dry and crisp with a fruity aroma.
A tart wine that’s an excellent accompaniment to dessert. Or add some clear soda for a great spritzer!
  Dusty Road
A well-balanced, clean and fruity semi-sweet white wine made from 100% LaCrosse grapes grown in our vineyard.
  Iowa Sunset Red
A semi-sweet red wine with nice red color, a fruity taste and a smooth finish made from our Foch grapes.
  Lincoln Highway Red
A blend of our Merlot and Red Zinfandel wines. Medium bodied with a semi-sweet taste. Great with a hearty meal.
A wonderful, dry red wine with a light, oak finish. Serve at room temperature. Great with beef and pizza.
  Pinot Grigio
A light, fresh, semi-fruity wine. This wine is golden yellow in color and great paired with seafood and salmon.
  Pinot Noir
A balanced palate of ripe fruit and sweet French oak precede a finish that lingers nicely. An excellent wine to pair with all types of food.
  Red Zinfandel
Not your ordinary Zinfandel! A dry, velvety in texture wine with a berry-cherry, fruity taste.
A semi-sweet, white wine. Light bodied and refreshing. Try our flavored straws for an alternative taste of this wine.
  River Bottom Red
An exotic blend of our Red Zinfandel and Merlot wines with a hint of Raspberry wines. It’s a sweet, dessert wine that’s great paired with any kind of chocolate. You’ll just want to sit and sip.
  Willow Mist
A crisp, white wine that’s golden in color with a nice finish, made from out Edelweiss grapes.


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