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Fiddle Farm Winery

Fiddle Farm Winery In addition to being owner-winemakers, we are also professional Classical musicians; Henry Gonzalez, Double Bassist and wife, Billie Gonzalez, Violinist-Violist. Our winemaking focus is on small lots of Italian, Rhone, and Portuguese grapes, with emphasis on the unusual. The intense fruit and body of our wines derives from slower processing techniques: cold soaking the fruit prior to yeast additives, whole-berry fermentation, and gentle, long-duration extractions using basket presses we modify or construct. As each wine is ever-transforming during cellar ageing, we selectively bottle at various peaks to capture the unique varietals flavors and extraction characteristics. Artistic winemaking is a creation of infinite expression--as in music, we offer it from the heart--may you enjoy the performance!


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6576 Jackson Valley Road, Ione, CA, US, 95640-0142 Email:
Phone: 209-274-4070 Web:
Fax: 209-274-4171
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A potpourri of spice, cherry , and white chocolate aromas is well balanced with French oak and a robust stout finish.
The fleeting boysenberry nose, precedes distinct plum, cherry, and peppery bouquet, and has a soft and lingering finish. For the Primitivo lover, this one is a must for your cellar!
Lighter than the traditional Smokey Syrah, the pronounced initial rose bouquet is followed by a subtle nose of jasmine and cherry. The finish is of plum and apricot. A strong initial rose bouquet, followed by the subtle nose of jasmine and cherry. This is followed by a taste of plum and apricot on the finish. Truly a delight to the palate!--Great on a picnic with a hearty bread, cheese and olives.


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