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Cambium Cider Co

Cambium Cider Co Our family has proudly been growing apples here since 1946. Today we grow more than two dozen varieties including modern dessert apples, nearly forgotten heritage cultivars, and vintage cider fruit. These sugar-laden fruit are hand-harvested and slowly fermented into delicious craft ciders which we blend, bottle, and share at our orchard ciderhouse. Our acres of old, standard apple trees clean the air, capture carbon, provide animal habitat, and of course – produce an abundance of delicious apples perfect for crafting into cider.


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4667 E Vernon Road, Vernon, BC, CA, V1B 3H9 Email:
Phone: 250-503-2163 Web:
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  "Bone-Jolly" Gamay Noir
Much darker, and deeper color than its two predecessors. The nose carries some typical Gamay grapiness, yet the dominant fruit character at this stage is mulberry. On the palate, the wine is lean, juicy and fresh, and the flavors seem almost supercharged, lingering in the mouth long after the wine is swallowed. This vintage promises to be exceptionally versatile at the table; there's almost no dish it won't light up!
  Bassetti Vineyard Syrah
The color is ravishing, the kind of blue-crimson that seems like it must lead to the heart of passion itself. The nose is an ocean of purity, and sweetness of expression, in the most elegant and graceful manner that one can imagine. And when the wine enters one's mouth, as lovely and flawless as each sensation presents itself, it quickly becomes apparent that this is a wine made out of solid steel. There is no bottom to this wine, that can be perceived at this early hour. The structure is not large, but, rather, unyielding, despite the beautiful aromas, of violet, pepper, framboise, smoke, and blood. Will certainly be quite long-lived, and will reward considerable (15 years at least) patience.
  Bassetti Vineyard Syrah San Luis Obispo County
Very clear, yet almost opaque purple-red. Deep, profound nose of black and red fruits, smoke, menthol, mocha, pepper, meat, incense, spice and earth. Silky in the mouth, with gorgeous, deep flavors that unfold, and persist, with glorious, fine tannins. This is a wine that will not be ignored.
  California Syrah
Gorgeous dark purple-red. The nose offers violets, iodine, smoke, a whiff of cracked pepper, blueberries and lavender. It's medium-full-bodied, and the tannins are exceptionally supple, so in the mouth the wine is pretty and plump, the flavors juicy and vibrant, right through the lengthy, mouth-watering finish. Ought to be out of this world with barbecued ribs.
  Los Robles Viejos Red Wine
It's a strong, deep, ruby-crimson red, a bit darker than the 2000. There are intense, "sauvage" aromas of raspberry, cherry, roasted plumskin, dried rose-petal, black pepper, smoke and grilled meat, a whiff of lavender, a dash of thyme. Texture is silky; there are flavors of red and black fruits, great spiciness, absolutely perfect balance, and really exceptional length to the finish. Much to recommend it already, but it's clearly well-built for the long haul.
  Los Robles Viejos White Wine
Some gold in the color. Aromas include honey, peach, green apple, white flowers, a whiff of ginger, seashell, and rock/clay. In the mouth there's an underlying impression of minerality amid flavors of honeyed apricot and peach, and a faint suggestion of salinity. Finishes long, and, yep... pretty.
  Matagrano Vineyard Sangiovese
Deep red, not fully transparent. Brooding nose showing pepper, fresh blood, meat, pencil-shavings, tobacco leaf, cherry, and the slightest whiff of nutmeg and allspice. Fairly lean and firm in the mouth, medium-bodied, with mouth-watering acidity. Flavors include ripe raspberry, cherry, pomegranate. The wine shows good depth and cut, a long clean finish with juicy tannins. Doesn't seem much like a California wine.
  Paso Robles White Wine Blonk!
Fairly dense gold color. Nose reminiscent of lychee, ginger, baking spices, pepper and hazelnuts. Some of the exotic aromatics are surely from the Roussanne, though I think the Marsanne and Viognier refresh the nose a good deal. It's full-bodied, with good spice on the palate and considerable length. Finishes clean.
  Pinc Froid
It's a pretty orange-pink color. Fresh, enticing aromas of raspberry, peach-skin, tangerine-zest, and pepper mark the nose. It's lean and vibrant on the palate, the kind of wine that whets the appetite, then washes down the food, and invites more. Long, mouth-watering finish. WARNING: If you've ever enjoyed idle time in the South of France, this wine may cause a severe case of cultural disorientation. Tres Provençal! Please pass the octopus and the aioli!
  Pinot Grigio
The wine shows the slightest orange tint, some trace remnant of ripe skins (Pinot Gris is purple when ripe). The nose combines Crenshaw melon, lemon zest, cut hay, and a whiff of fresh mint. In the mouth it's medium-bodied, with strong framing acidity, giving shape and length to the flavors. Finish is long and clean. It has structure for 3-5 years development in bottle (to good advantage).
  Rocks and Gravel
Bright purple-crimson. Aromatic melange of smoky cherry, underbrush, mulberry, and around the edges, orange-zest, clove, spice, and treebark. Sweet fruit on entry, with nice grip of fine tannins. Flavors linger, calling out for something roasted or grilled.
  Roussanne Tablas Creek Vineyard
Pale green-gold. Aromas include white flowers, mint, truffle, butter and honey, and rock. Great density and depth on entry; honey, suggestion of candied lime, and strong minerality in the flavors. Length, structure, and texture are most impressive.
  Shell and Bone White
Pale, yellow-gold, slightest hint of green. Lavender, apricot, lemon-confit and honey on the nose, and, beneath, brine and rock. Multilayered palate entry: richness, texture, great electric tension between fat and lean, brightness and opulence. Commanding flavors, great length; needs a few years to relax and stretch out. 45% Viognier, 38% Roussanne, 17% Marsanne.
  Syrah "Wylie-Fenaughty"
The color is very dark purple-crimson. Fresh, nearly impenetrable nose of violets and dark red berries. Fine white pepper and smoke in background. Sweet fruit on entry, with juicy acidity, and gorgeous sweet wrap-around tannins, fine-textured. Very lively fruit, supple mouthfeel from front to back, fresh and vibrant right through a long, tender, mouth-watering finish. Absolutely seductive -- you drink it and it drinks you right back. Two-three years may be all it needs, and I'm not sure I'd wait. Re-evaluate for aging in six months.
Pretty, pale color—is there a hint of green? It has a lovely, fresh nose of white flowers, apricots, lime-blossom, oyster-shell/wet stones, and lavender, and shows strong 'nervosity.' On the palate the texture is light, and silky, there's great inner-mouth perfume, and focussing acidity. Finish is lengthy, and immensely pleasing. It won't hurt to drink it now, but it might greatly reward 3-5 years patience, if not more.
It's a dark purple-red. Features pure, potent aromas of black raspberry, dried cherry, pepper, chocolate, plum and smoke. Very cleanly delineated in the mouth, with strong pepper component beneath cherry, raspberry, plum and chocolate. Marvelous balance. Great length.


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