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Legends Estate Winery

Legends Estate Winery Legends is a family owned winery located in Beamsville Ontario. In 1946, patriarch John Lizak planted the seeds of enterprise on a tender fruit farm of a dozen acres. The fertile soil and microclimate of the Niagara peninsula fed his passion and as time passed, the customs of working the land were handed down from father, to son, to grandson. he wineries main location was chosen as it has a great climate, buffered by the lake . This helps to moderate the harsh cold and the extem heat. This way the vines sustain less damage by both cold and heat. A half century later, a boutique winery was born on Lake Ontario under John's grandson, Paul Lizak; two-hundred acres of fruit and signature grapes to be farmed carefully and harvested gently. A place where history of the past and vision for the future have struck a fine balance; the perfect symmetry of tradition and technology. Paul along with his sister Danielle and their parents Ted & Diane. Legends has over 200 acres of fruit and grapes. The main location was chosen as it has a great climate, buffered by the lake . This helps to moderate the harsh cold and the extem heat. This way the vines sustain less damage by both cold and heat.


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4888 Ontario Street North, Beamsville, ON, CA, L0R 1B3 Email:
Phone: 905-563-6500 Web:
Fax: 905-563-1672
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  Cabernet Franc '03 (VQA)
Layered flavours of black berries, earth and burnt toast, balanced by youthful ripe tannins, creating a medium body and good length.
  Cabernet Franc Icewine '02
Nice sexy pink hue, looks elegant in the glass with lots of legs. Rich floral bouquet, full body and flavour, sweet balance to a clean acid. Long fruity length with honey clover showing throught on the finish.
  Cabernet Merlot '03 (VQA)
Complex and tightly structured, chunky, rich and supple with wonderful warm, mouth filling plummy characteristics. The oak influence is nutty-almost almond.
  Cabernet Sauvignon '03 (VQA)
Full bodied with smoked plum and cherry flavours. Coffee, smoke and toast undertones. Tannins well balanced. This one will age well.
  Chardonnay - Oaked '02 (VQA)
Aged in French oak barrels. The winemaker has aimed for balance, finesse and a non-overpowering oak experience. The vanilla and toasty oak lead to further complexity and subtle flavours of apples and butter. A definite and satisfying finish.
  Chardonnay '05
Slight floral notes, creamy and full in the middle palate, with clean fruit characteristics.
  Chardonnay Musque '02 (VQA)
Enjoy the spicy aromas, lively citrus fruit and acidity of this very tasty wine. It balances pronounced fruity flavours with the acidity, making it a refreshing alternative to more conventional Chardonnay.
  Chenin Blanc '02 (VQA)
Vanilla, muted oranges and tropical fruit, with honey, melon and even a hint of banana. There is a graceful interplay between the naturally characteristic acidity and the wine’s sweetness. Crisp, lively and elegant, this wine has more complexity than even some reds! A dry and balanced wine that evokes colonial British charm.
  Gewürztraminer '04 (VQA)
Captures delightful and hip flavors of honeyed lychees with floral tones and a hint of grapefruit rind. Well-bolstered acidity producing crisp lime freshness to the finish.
  Iced Pinot Noir '04
For those Icewine lovers - this is a beautifully balanced rose wine, which shows flavors of strwberries, cherries, honey and butterscotch. Smooth and soft with a long, gentle finish.
  Merlot '04 (VQA)
Velvet texture with black current and berry flavours. Nice smooth middle, softened by a few grams of residual sugar. Finishes long
  Muscat Ottonel '03 (VQA)
A mosaic of rich aromas, Legends is on track with his next addition, an aromatic white. This wine consists of spice, melon, tangerine and honey nicely balanced with citrus. Medium body of mineral, tropical fruit, spice and a pinch of fresh lemon zest. Long finish on the palate. Sugar 1-2.
  Riesling Dry '02 (VQA)
A pleasantly dry presentation of grapefruit, floral and peach flavours with a touch of steely minerals. Very friendly, lively and crisp. Gentle finish.
  Riesling Semi Dry '05 (VQA)
Of citrus and pear with a gentle, slightly mineral finish. A medium bodied wine with good acidicity that makes it perfectly suited for aging.
  Sauvignon Blanc '04 (VQA)
Nose: Elderberry and grapefruit Aromas of peach, banana and touch of citrus. It's a very soft wine, with 12 grams of residual sugar that perfectly balance the acidity. Velvety and aromatic.
  Vidal Icewine '04
This is a wonderful Icewine, packed with pure fruit (peach and pineapple) aromas that express with outstanding persistence on the finish. Very thick, plush and sweet, and, at the same time, well balanced.


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