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Edmeades Winery & Vineyards

Edmeades Winery & Vineyards Mendocino is more than a geographical's a state of mind. Cross the border from Sonoma County and your perspective suddenly changes. Colors seem deeper, aromas are more intense and life gets a whole lot slower. Edmeades is pure Mendocino. It is the authentic taste of one of California's final viticultural frontiers - the Anderson Valley. The primary themes in our Zinfandels are dark, dense and distinctively earthy with the smell of the season's first rain on a dusty road but then bursting into rich, juicy flavors that recall summer's end. Our approach is traditional and natural; our methods are decidedly low tech. We believe in native yeast fermentations in small open-top bins, hand punchdowns, minimal manipulation and no fining or filtration at bottling. The simplicity of our methods allows the soils and climates of each site to be clearly heard in our wines. The spirit of old-time Italian winegrowing pioneers lives on in the fruit sourced from vineyards planted more than 100 years ago. The vineyards still speak to us each harvest - and we listen.


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  1999 Edmeades Eaglepoint Vineyard Zinfandel
Eaglepoint Vineyard embodies Zinfandelness. Raised at 1,800 feet above the Ukiah Valley and juiced with dashes of Syrah and Petite Sirah, this is a stunningly deep and mesmerizing glass of wine that leaves little to the imagination.
  2000 Edmeades Eaglepoint Vineyard Zinfandel
Uncork a bottle and savor that Eaglepoint dusty rose character. The aromas are a dark earthy blueberry patch after the rain, tobacco, dark red fruit, plums and black cherry.
  2000 Edmeades Mendocino Petite Sirah
Dark black color and focused, dense aromas of brooding earth, black cherries, cassis and currants lead way to the richness of dark chocolate, toasted toffee caramel flavors with a long, soft and dusty finish.
  2001 Edmeades Alden Vineyard Zinfandel
Tobacco, cherries, honey and mountain fir fill the nose. Luscious, chewy, rounded, cherry pie, candied apples - it's pure pleasure crying out for a bowl of vanilla ice cream.
  2001 Edmeades Piffero Zinfandel
High-toned fruits rush to fill the senses. When the explosion of sweet raspberries and confection subsides, notes of vanilla and nutty toffee slip into the senses. This wine consistently reminds me of a county fair and its wafting aromas . . . vanilla ice cream in a warm waffle cone topped with nuts, toffee and raspberries.
  2002 Edmeades Zeni Vineyards Zinfandel
Deep black ruby color and dense aromas of black pepper, blackberries, wild black raspberries, cassis, and creamy oak embody an old world funkiness of smoked meats, cedar box and forest.
  Edmeades Alden Late HarvestZinfandel
Since its first release in 1999, Alden Ranch Zinfandel has gained notoriety as a whale of a zin. With more resemblance to port, the 2002 vintage stays true to its bloodline. Bright raspberry combines with toasted oak forming the core of the aromatics. Hints of peaches and nectarines add to the intensity of fruitiness as the aromas tiptoe toward caramel and butterscotch. Berry flavors intensify on the pallet with a lingering, tangy citrus finish. Like previous vintages it is great before dinner as an aperitif, on ice around the pool, or with a cheese plate and chocolate dessert just sitting by the fireplace. Careful consumption is recommended because the alcohol can creep up and bite your head the next morning.
  Edmeades Eaglepoint Vineyard Syrah
Revel in the blueberries, licorice, white pepper and spice that characterize the Syrah grape. Keep your head down, left arm straight and remember to make a good shoulder run.
  Edmeades Eaglepoint Vineyard Syrah
The Eaglepoint Vineyard is the perfect course for Syrah. It's one of those rare sites that allow this Rhone native to grip it, rip it, and still keep it in the fairway. Taste the soil and flora of Eaglepoint. Revel in the blueberries, chocolate brandied cherries, smoked meats and spice that characterize this Syrah. Keep your head down, left arm straight and remember to make a good shoulder turn.
  Edmeades Mendocino Zinfandel
Focused aromas of cherries, spice, roasted coffee, and oak vanillin lead way to more funky aromas of earth and forest floor. Small amounts of Pinot Noir and Grenache add a perfumed fruit character to the aromas. Darker fruit flavors show up on the palate followed by a long, lingering, berry finish.
  Edmeades Mendocino Zinfandel
Focused aromas of cherries, spice, roasted coffee, and oak vanillin lead way to aromas of earth, forest, and minerals. The Grenache adds a perfumed spicy fruitiness to the aromas. The Syrah and Petite Sirah fill in the middle palate with meaty, darker fruit flavors. Another vintage with a higher percentage of Zinfandel in the blend shows bright, upfront fruitiness on the palate with a long, lingering berry finish. This wine offers bigger fruit than our past vintage, but with the same zestiness on the palate.


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