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Brownrigg Hard Cider

Brownrigg Hard Cider Small batch urban cidery focused on dry ciders and house grown flavor additions. Located in SODO, Seattle. Offering tastings, sales by the glass and growler fills.


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426 S Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA, US, 98134 Email:
Phone: 206-790-3847 Web:
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  G Joy
Whether you are a saké purist or a looking for an incredible saké experience to set a standard for saké exploration this is the one for you. Full fruity nose with hints of spice give way to rich, creamy layers of ripe melon flavors with hints of pear and plum followed by a long, lingering tropical spice finish. A truly special Junmai Ginjo Genshu Saké.
  Momokawa Diamond
Off-dry with melon and tropical fruit flavors, spice and mineral notes.
  Momokawa Pearl
This old style, roughly filtered saké is an amazing experience. Pearl offers notes of vanilla and pineapple with banana, coconut, and anise, rounding out a creamy body.
  Momokawa Ruby
A hint of sweetness offers increased body and a very pleasant mouthfeel that lasts on the palate: tropical flavors of mango and guava with hints of ripe cantaloupe.
  Momokawa Silver
Aromatic, crisp and dry, mineral and steel notes with hints of green apple and pear. The crisp, briney mineral flavors make Silver an exquisite match for oysters and fish.
  Moonstone Asian Pear
Lush aroma of fresh off the tree Asian Pear Apple, creamy body with big pear flavors and a hint of sweetness. A truly enjoyable drink whether with a meal or on its own.
  Moonstone Peach
Ripe peach aromas give way to fresh juicy peach flavors with hints of sweetness and smooth saké flavors.
  Moonstone Plum
This isn't your grandpa's plum wine. We marry premium Ginjo saké with natural plum flavor and a hint of almond. Rich, ripe plum fills the air and tempts your taste buds as this sweet nectar hits your lips. Sweet plum delights your palate without the sugary thickness of plum wines.
  Moonstone Raspberry
Fresh picked raspberries waft subtly on the nose and intensify as this nectar laps around your tongue — soft, slightly sweet and smooth.


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