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Blackwood Canyon Vintners

Blackwood Canyon Vintners Blackwood Canyon is a producer of old school wines made in the traditional European style from fifty to one hundred years ago when time was not a factor while flavor and depth are major factors. In short, wine without compromise. The main management goal of Blackwood Canyon Vineyards is simple; grow grapes that produce world class wine. How this is accomplished is not that simple. To grow the highest quality grapes one must first understand grape physiology. Grapes are a vine. The vine's goal in life is to occupy as much territory as possible. The vine has two ways of doing this; 1) vegetative 2) reproduction or fruiting. Given enough water and nutrients a vine will personally or vegetatively cover as much area as possible. This it achieves through leaf and shoot growth. Given water, nutrients, and a favorable climate one vine can occupy a huge area. When a limiting factor occurs, typically reduced water and/or nutrition, a vine will cease its vegetative mode turning to reproduction so that it's descendants will occupy the space that this vine found it couldn't. We as grape growers have a different goal than the vine. We desire fruit, not for the vine to occupy as much territory as possible. Therefore, to give the vine everything that it desires is not conducive to our goal. We want the vine to work for us, not us for the vine. Our goal at Blackwood Canyon is to grow fruit that produces wine that will compete on a world class level. We manage our vineyards to maximize our fruit quality, not our tons per acre.


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