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Yellow Brick Road Winery

Yellow Brick Road Winery Serving Texas wines and mead. Come visit our tasting room in Springtown, TX


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650 Vineyard Lane, Springtown, TX, US, 76082 Email:
Phone: 817-220-4366 Web:
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  La Buena Vida 1998 Central Valley Merlot
Soft tannins, a hint of black cherries, fermented in Chile and finished with light oak at our Springtown winery. Great with veal.
  La Buena Vida 1998 Chardonnay
Crisp, dry, good acid balance. Fermented in Chile and finished in light oak at our Springtown winery.
  Scarborough Mead
The drink of choice in medieval Europe, this honey wine is especially made for mead lovers
  Springtown 1997 Muscat Canelli
The sweet, floral bouquet prepares your pallet for the velvet richness of this great brunch wine.
  Springtown 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
76% Cabernet Sauvignon/24% Merlot make this wine a joy to drink now but will be magnificent in two years. Aged in American Oak, heavy toast.
  Springtown 1999 Merlot
Soft tannins, 80% Merlot/20% Cabernet Sauvignon and a velvety finish makes this wine a must with veal, beef or pasta. Aged in ½ American Oak and ½ French Oak.
  Springtown 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Cellar Select
80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot – Only a small amount of this wine was made from old vines. It was finished with malo-lactic fermentation leaving a soft, full finish.
  Springtown 2001 Merlot l’elegance (White Merlot)
100% Merlot grape, soft, semi-dry, blushed to a rich color with a velvety finish. The hint of sweetness and crispness of the wine makes for a perfect marriage with sushi.
  Springtown 2002 Chardonnay Barrel Fermented
Rich, full and buttery with hints of oak and vanilla.
  Springtown 2003 Johannisberg Riesling
Full bodied and smooth with hints of apples. The perfect patio wine. Packaged in a beautiful, tall, sleek bottle.
  Springtown Mist
The fresh, crisp, fruity flavor mixed with the right amount of sweetness makes this the perfect warm weather wine. Springtown Mist is made from the Merlot grape. By using minimal contact with the skins during fermentation we achieved soft tannins and a beautiful rose color. Try this wine chilled with grilled chicken or fish covered with a little cajun spice. The sweetness of this wine will balance the heat of the spice. Semi-sweet, light and crisp with a hint of strawberries. Pool side sipping.
  Springtown Mist
Semi-sweet, light and crisp with a hint of strawberries. Pool side sipping.
  Springtown Muscat Dulce
Produced from the Muscat Canelli grape and naturally fortified to 17% makes this smooth, floral wine is a great summertime dessert by itself. Also as an aperitif over ice with a twist of orange rind and mint. Packaged in a beautiful, tall, sleek bottle. Six International Medals and the Grand Star of Texas.
  Springtown Sweet Ruby/Grapevine La Dulce Vida
Sweet, light and very fruity. Cabernet Sauvignon/Ruby Cabernet/ Merlot. Try this one with Mexican Food9
  Texmas Blush
Our Christmas blush is semi sweet, light and crisp with a hint of berries
  Walnut Creek Cellars Port 1984 Vintage
By far one of our best efforts. 22 international medals tells it all! $150.00 (Limited quantity)
  Walnut Creek Cellars Port 1985 Reserve
Rich, nutty & tawny. Fortified to 18% alcohol $34.99 Five International Medals and Grand Star of Texas.
  Walnut Creek Cellars Port 1996 Vintage
Ruby, rich and nutty. Fortified to 18% alcohol. Eight International Medals.


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