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Saint James Spirits

Saint James Spirits Saint James Spirits is a fast growing company with over six different products. These products include: Pineapple Brandy, Kirsch Brandy, Pineapple Rum, California Gold Agave, Peregrine Rock, and many more. Here at Saint James, we take pride in following the old European tradition of distilling in small batches with the use of an Alambic Copper Pot Still; and each bottle of our spirit is distilled using only the finest ingredients. So again, please feel free to look through our Home Page and be a part of the countless of others who have fallen in love with Saint James Spirits.


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5220 Fourth Street, Irwindale, CA, US, 91706 Email:
Phone: 626-856-6930 Web:
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  Raspberry Regale - California Raspberry Wine
Made from the finest Raspberries with raspberry brandy added. Bottled in imported French bottles. Intense raspberry flavor without the syrup of other brands.(375ML)
  Royale Hawaiian Pineapple Rum
Made from Hawaii sugar cane molasses with natural pineapple flavoring, bottles in attractive Imported French Bottles. This is the first an original Pineapple Rum - a fruity rum spirit with rich pineapple taste.
  Saint James Spirits Grappa
Made from California grown Zinfandel grape pumace. Bottled in imported Italian bottles. Lots of fruit, spices and zest! (375ML)
  Saint James Spirits Kirsch (Eau de Vie)
Made from 100% California Grown Bing Cherries, bottled in attractive imported French bottles. Intense Cherry Flavor without the medicinal taste of other brands. (375ML)
  Saint James Spirits Pineapple Brandy
Made from select Hawaiian pineapples bottled in attractive Imported French Bottles. Possesses delicate aroma of pineapples without overpowering overtones. (375ML)


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