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Detonate Brewing

Detonate Brewing "Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy", and I just want to bring a little happiness to everyone. Over the past years I have been working towards opening up a small brewery in the Okanagan to make some great tasting beers for people who enjoy good beer. In these years I have been making plans, acquiring equipment from all over the West Coast and brewing "test" beer. It has been an interesting ride to get here so far, from being threatened right here in Rutland trying to buy a walk in cooler to driving down to California to pick up tanks (and many things in between). I now have most of my set up to brew 7BBL batches on a fairly slow schedule. Some "slight" modification is still needed to some of the equipment as a good portion of it is re-purposed from various other industries (such as dairy) much in the fashion of many Frankinbrew setups working today. It may not be all the shiny new top of the line brewing equipment but it will brew some good beer. This may take some time and as I only have one fermenter right now (can only make one beer at a time) I am also have a slightly smaller brewing setup to help expedite the process of getting the brewery going and also open up the possibilities of having numerous beers available for your tasting pleasure.


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04-9503 Cedar Avenue, Summerland, BC, CA, V0H 1Z2 Email:
Phone: 778-214-0891 Web:
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