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St. Ives Winery

St. Ives Winery My name is Ryan Hostetler. My wife Heather and I are the owners of St. Ives Winery in Cable, Ohio. We have been in business since 2014. I have always liked to cook. I have always enjoyed taking a pile of ingredients and turning it into something worth eating. And while you're doing it, you get to feed your family at the same time. Cooking and drinking pair well together. These activities were made for each other. In 2009, Heather told me to get a home brew kit, so who was I to argue with a red head? My brother and I bought the equipment and we sat in my kitchen and made our first batch of beer. Six weeks later, we popped open a bottle. The beer was good, and we were instantly hooked. It was then we realized that we could make another batch of beer while drinking beer that we made. It’s the great circle of life.


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6932 Cable Road, Cable, OH, US, 43009 Email:
Phone: 740-649-2832 Web:
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