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Bethlehem Valley Vineyards

Bethlehem Valley Vineyards Bethlehem Valley takes its name from Bethlehem School, a German-language, one-room school where area children studied from the 1890s to the 1940s. Situated about a mile north of the Missouri River, Bethlehem Valley runs north to south and has wide fields, scattered trees, ponds and several year-round springs. The first German settlers in our area planted grapes, and we have continued the tradition by planting two varieties of grapes ideal for the Missouri climate, Chardonel and Norton. Our 200-acre farm offers several productive hillsides, but we have chosen only the best sites for our vineyards. The result is a consistent wine of surprising quality. We are fortunate to partner with the award-winning Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Missouri. We work along with Mt. Pleasant to ensure that the wine we serve reflects the attention we give every grape. We hope that you will join us in enjoying what the Missouri hills, sun and rain have helped us create in every bottle of Bethlehem Valley.


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Our Chardonel is usually at optimal sugar, acid and pH levels in early September, around Labor Day. At that time, we pick the grapes by hand, place them in 25-pound picking lugs, transfer them to 1500-pound bins, haul them to the winery and crush them within a few hours of picking. We use only the free-run juice that comes from the press with minimal pressure- this is the highest quality juice- to make Bethlehem Valley wine. Following a 6-month fermentation and aging process, the wine matures in the bottle for another 6 months before it is released. Aging in the French oak barrel creates aromas and flavors with soft wood tones and buttery, fresh fruit notes.
We allow our Norton to hang as late in the growing season as possible, usually until mid-October. The grapes are hand-picked in a manner similar to the Chardonel. Following crushing and fermentation, the wine is aged in French and American oak barrels for 12 to 24 months. After an additional 12-month bottle maturation, the wine is ready for release. Often compared to Zinfandel, Norton has bold, intensely rich flavors and aromas of blackberries, pepper and toasty oak.


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