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Herb Lamb Vineyards

Herb Lamb Vineyards At Herb Lamb Vineyards, we grow and produce Cabernet Sauvignon. Because our hillside property faces northeast and the mountain temperatures are milder, we tend to experience an earlier bud break. While the valley floor lies in a blanket of fog in the early spring, we catch the early sun and the brisk winds blowing through our canyon help to avert any frost. The angle of the last of the summer sun also allows for a longer growing season - we rarely harvest before October, giving the grapes a certain mountain-grown intensity not achieved in vineyards growing on the valley floor.


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  E II Napa Valley Red Wine
The 2004 vintage in Napa Valley is most similar to the 2002; big and bold in front, firm and forward – a typical California vintage. The 2004 E II is intensely colored and smells and tastes of sweet, juicy summer fruits, with a pinch of mint and herbs. With airing, this wine opens up nicely and shows complexity with black fruits, mild tannins and spice from the large percentage of new French oak. But it’s still a little tight, and in its youth it may seem a little rough or rigid; it usually takes about a year in the bottle for these wines to really start to show their potential. As it evolves, the 2004 E II Red will take on a creamy, enticing character and show its excellent balance, juicy horsepower and concentrated black fruit and spicy flavors. Just the wine to share with man’s best friend! The greater alcohol from the riper fruit actually gives this wine its juicy horsepower, and highlights the depth of concentration and complexity. It should age for 5-8 years with no loss of character, but in its youth the fruit will show more vibrantly.
  E II Napa Valley White Wine
Our first vintage of Sauvignon Blanc, the 2005 E II Napa Valley White Wine, was a delicious and refreshing adjunct to our two other red wines, so we excitedly signed up for additional tonnage and a long-term contract with the vineyard owners and Sauvignon Blanc winemaker, David DeSante.


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