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Kacaba Vineyards

Kacaba Vineyards The property on which the Vineyard is located was slated for subdivision by the previous owner. Michael Kacaba was able to purchase the property in 1997 and immediately set to work in planting the present vineyard, establishing a small winery building for the first vintage in 1999 and eventually planting out most of it in the following years. The history of the winery has been startling insofar as the wines have gone on to win a substantial number of prestigious awards. The wines have gone on to very good recognition and acceptance by customers and restaurants and have been selling out regularly, leaving only library and tasting samples.


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Address Web Social
3550 King Street, Vineland, ON, CA, L0R 2C0 Email:
Phone: 905-562-5625 Web:
Fax: 905-562-1111
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  Cabernet Franc
  Cabernet Sauvignon
  Chardonnay (Aged in Oak)
  Gamay Noir
  Gewurztraminer Icewine
  Gypsy Red
  Gypsy White
  Late harvest Vidal
  Old Vines Chardonnay
  Pinot Gris
  Pinot Noir
  Rebecca Rose
  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  Riesling Icewine
  Sur Lie Chardonnay


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