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Duplin Winery

Duplin Winery In 1995, after two decades of being in business, Duplin Winery had its first profitable year. David Fussell, a co-owner and co-founder, credits the Danes. In the mid 1990s, researchers published the "Copenhagen City Heart Study" which showed that the mortality risk for those who drank moderate amounts of wine was lower than for those who drank other spirits or were teetotalers. In short, wine drinkers tend to live longer than other people. Additional studies have suggested that this may be because some wines contain antioxidants, and muscadine grapes, in particular, have high levels of these. This fact, David says, got Duplin Winery "out of the red and into the black," and "sales took off" when 60 Minutes featured the Copenhagen study in a news report. Now people write from as far away as China requesting Duplin products. David is excited about the winery's prospects, but cautious. He insists, "man can make his plans, but the final outcome is up to the Lord. The pendulum can swing right back." He speaks from experience. He and Duplin Winery have already gone through dramatic ups and downs.

Duplin County - Take I-40 exit 380. Turn right on Hwy 117 and drive 6 blocks. Winery is on left.

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505 N. Sycamore Street, Rose Hill, NC, US, 28458 Email:
Phone: 910-289-3888 Web:
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  American Port
Estate grown and distilled Noble Grapes have been blended and aged for 24 years. We know you have never tasted a Port like this in the Carolina's.
  Bald Head Red
Inspired by the beauty of Carolina's Bald Head Island and a few heads around our winery, Bald Head Red is a blend of carefully selected native grapes. There's no place like home.
  Beaufort Bay
Beaufort Bay is an estate grown Scuppernong Wine.
The perfect combination of Southern Piedmont soils and climate contributes to the delicious old timey taste of this superb Southern wine. This is a full-bodied red wine made from 100% pure North Carolina blackberries. Cold fermentation on the skins for six days give our Blackberry wine its unique flavor. Serve chilled with spiced food and cheese. Currently out of stock
  Blessed Spirit
delicious red after dinner wine that is perfect for all communions. This splendid wine can be bottled in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. This wine is a specialty product. You must allow at least two weeks for bottling when ordering Blessed Spirit.
Burgundy is the driest of our red wines. It is made out of the Noble grape, picked early in the season. Our Burgundy has a great complexity that can be only be achieved with careful bottle aging. This full bodied dry wine is a perfect complement to red meat and cheese.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This delicious red wine features appealing flavors of ripe cherry, berry and spice. Aging in small American oak barrels gives warm vanilla tones to the rich Cabernet character and enhances the long, velvety finish.
  Cape Fear Vineyard's Chardonnay
A classic, dry white wine with vibrant aromas and flavors of apple, pear, and tropical fruit. Small amounts of barrel fermentation and aging add complexity and a hint of cream oak to the finish.
  Cape Fear Vineyard's Shiraz
Rich and flavorful red wine with tea and chocolate notes mingling with flavors of raspberry and dried cherries.
Carlos is a semi-dry wine which captures all the rich mellow characteristics of Vitis rotundifolia. It is made out of an early harvest Carlos grape, grown in the sandy soils of North Carolina. Carlos is best served chilled with poultry and seafood.
  Carolina Red
Carolina Red is the sweetest of all of our Red Wines. Gentle contact with the grape skins during fermentation produces this robust yet sweet red wine. Its wonderfully rich flavor makes a tremendous fruit for marinating. Serve chilled.
A classic, dry white wine with vibrant aromas and flavors of apple, pear, and tropical fruit. Small amounts of barrel fermentation and aging add complexity and a hint of cream oak to the finish.
  Christmas Eve
A delightful blend of Catawba grapes that is both light and fruitful. Best served chilled.
  Christmas Wine
We welcome the return our Christmas Wine, the season's most popular wine. The sweet red wine is the perfect accompaniment to any holiday celebration.
  Hatteras Red
The traditional Southern Red Muscadine wine, Hatteras Red is slightly sweet with intense fruit. This wine brings back memories of the Old South with stately mansions, warm sunshine and gracious hospitality. Serve chilled.
Magnolia is a medium, smooth and fruity white wine with a fresh crisp finish. It is made from the late harvest of the Magnolia grape. Magnolia's very name evokes the magic of the South. The juice of the Magnolia grape has a wonderfully balanced sugar-acid ratio. This balance is reflected in the wine. Magnolia makes the perfect gift to bring to any dinner party. Serve chilled.
Enticing notes of ripe plums and berries weave through the aromas and silky flavors of our Duplin Merlot. Nuances of spices and toasty vanilla, from aging in small oak barrels linger on the soft finish.
  Midnight Magnolia
Our Estate Grown Wines combine our strong tradition of family wine making with a special hands on vine to bottle approach to produce a variety of wines whose flavor, fruit and consistency are unsurpassed. A perfect choice for a casual visit to Carolina's coast. Midnight Magnolia possesses a semisweet body packed with natural fruit flavors and a bright, crisp finish. Serve Chilled.
  Pink Magnolia
Pink Magnolia is wonderfully balanced! It has well expressed crisp red fruits with plenty of soft flavors. This moderately light-bodied wine is produced by our carefully selected mid-harvest Magnolia grapes and lightly blended with our famous Muscadines. Serve chilled.
A traditional dessert wine, port is the oldest and sweetest wine offered by Duplin Winery. Port was made from distilled wine added to nobel grape juice. It has been aged for 24 years before bottled.
Resveratrol is made from skins and seeds of North Carolina Muscadine grapes. These skins are ground and then fermented in cold storage for one year. This gives Resveratrol an acidic taste. Best served mixed with fruit drinks or punches.
Scuppernong is the oldest and most famous variety of Vitis rotundifolia. It is the oldest wine made in America and rated the best selling wine from 1840 to 1909. No Southern plantation dinner would have been complete without this delicious dessert wine. Serve chilled.
  Scuppernong Blush
Scuppernong Blush is a smooth, fruity and sweet blush It is made from the famous Scuppernong lightly blended with our Coastal James grape. This is the perfect wine to have with romantic walks on the beach or just sitting around the pool on warm summer nights. Scuppernong Blush is best when it is serve chilled.
  White Zinfandel
Delicate and refreshing, our White Zinfandel has a rose-hued color and aromas and flavors that burst with vibrant notes of ripe red apple and fresh strawberry. Orange blossom notes give way to a crisp, light flavor with just a hint of sweetness.


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rose saavedra says...
received a bottle of Magnolia wine as a gift. it is the best bottle of wine i have ever had.....i am now going to figure out how to get a few bottles. i have never enjoyed wine before, but decided to try this. my girlfriends also loved it. i might even try another of the magnolias.........i am pretty excited about this