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David Fulton Winery

David Fulton Winery The David Fulton Winery specializes in ultra premium, estate bottled Petite Sirah. In two more years, the Fulton family will be pleased to announce the first release of their Cabernet Sauvignon. Located just a short walk to the east from downtown St. Helena is the recently restored winery tucked beneath three large valley oaks (Quercus lobata). A replica of the old Fulton stone wine cellar, the three story building sits at the northwest edge of the family vineyard. A few yards to the west are two large sentinel palm trees, a restored tank house and David Fulton's original, historic farmhouse. The 14.5 acre vineyard itself stretches south from this point as if to run away from Mount St. Helena, a vast silhouette looming to the north and reminding us of its once violent volcanic nature. This romantic setting of old head trained vines enjoys early morning fog, warm afternoons and cool night air of the northern Napa Valley as well as the rich igneous alluvial soil of the local appellation. Only a small number of cases of Petite Sirah are produced by the estate to distribute in California to fine restaurants and specialty wine shops. An even smaller amount is released to a few private collections. The bulk of fruit produced by David Fulton Vineyards are sold to a local and well received Napa Valley winery noted for its fine quality wines at reasonable prices.

Traveling northwest on Highway 29: Once you approach St. Helena and cross a stone bridge, count three stop lights and take a right (northeast) onto Fulton Lane

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825 Fulton Lane, St. Helena, CA, US, 94574 Email:
Phone: 707-967-0719 Web:
Fax: 707-963-1094
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  Petite Sirah
The release date for our 2002 Petite Sirah is October 1, 2005. No doubt about it, this is an intense wine. The pour is inky black except when viewed under a strong lamp and held to a thin layer where it settles into a ravishing pool of brilliant clarity displaying dark reds with a deep purple rim. Trailing up from a rotating glass are fresh, massive, pure black fruit aromas with hints of blackberry and logan berry fragrances elegantly revealed in a way rarely seen in this variety. The flavors match the breath yet divulge even more with loganberry, cassis, licorice, fresh dough, and well-integrated oak notes resembling maple syrup. The texture is a multilayered coating of round supple thick black cherry. Left at the end of each sip are youthful, round, rich mature tannins balanced with wood. The wine allows for current consumption for those who can't wait yet graceful aging for those that prefer patience. Just 350 cases were produced. With proper storage the wine should last a decade or two.
  Petite Sirah
Visualize deep red or cerise with purple hues glittering in a swirling pool at the bottom of your glass. The precious liquid begins to release unforeseen freshness and bright black fruit aromas with hints of toast and maple syrup. It is as if the wine were placed instead in a carefully crafted goblet warming each breath as if taken in by the glow of a warm fireplace. Driven to taste the draw of the first few drops take you by surprise as to how powerful and fresh the fruit comes through with merely a touch of oak. Each sip brings a new play of notes with black cherry in front followed by blackberry, boysenberry, currants, allspice, cassis and chocolate. The texture across the mid-pallet is elegant, sweet round tannins with some grip reserved for bottle aging. Hey, after all, this is Petite Sirah! Finally, the lasting effect is long and silky with black fruit lingering to the end. We recommend decanting or letting the bottle sit at room temperature a while to soften the tannins for those who can't resist the temptation to taste upon buying. Otherwise, a bottle with proper storage should last a decade or two.
  Petite Sirah
From the glass the first revelation is a deep, dark red with shimmering violet hues. The wine once swirled carries a sense above the rim of blackberries and raspberries and reaching further a hint of toast and maple. Take a sip from the glass. There is more to discover, a taste of figs, currents, cherries, licorice, and even hints of mocha and vanilla. Hold a moment longer and notice that the texture is full, no, mouth-filling, and, finally, the experience is brought to a lush finish, one that is well-structured, firm yet roundness with grip. Overall, this 2000 Petite Sirah is a top grade wine. Though drinkable now it will improve with time and should last with proper cellaring for 25 years.
  Petite Sirah
Our senses start by visualizing an, attractive vermillion red steeped with violet hues. Taking breath we find ripe black fruits with tinges of currants, licorice, blackberries and figs. At the edge of relishing more, we are gently touched by smooth, liquid surprises: dark baker's chocolate, cedar and black cherries. Finally, we savor the moment knowing we will not be punished by the usual tannins; rather, we are rewarded by an extraordinary "Pet" full of roundness, medium tannins and a toasty finish.


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