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Elke Vineyards

Elke Vineyards We believe we have the "best of two worlds." We grow wonderful Pinot Noir fruit in the Anderson Valley, and our wine is made in the winery of our Napa vineyard neighbors, the Farella Family. We have the model of the old-world chateau producing small quantities of European-styled wine from selected blocks of our own grapes. Tom Farella makes our wine. He has always had a passion for Pinot Noir. He studied enology at UC Davis and worked at wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Oregon and Burgundy. Tom has been making small vintages of Pinot Noir from Elke Vineyard fruit from the Anderson Valley since the first harvest in 1993. Prior to that, he had made small experimental lots of Pinot Noir from the fruit in the Elke's Napa vineyard. All told, Tom has more than 15 years of experience working with this finicky grape. Tom's genius in making his elegantly-styled Pinot is allowing the fruit characteristics to emerge from the grape. His winemaking philosophy is "less is more", which translates to starting with excellent grapes and then allowing the fruit to become wine with a minimum of manipulation or intervention. Tom's skills and patience are applied as each clone is fermented and barrel-aged separately in French oak. The wine is racked once, then blended and returned to the barrels for a few more months of ageing. Tom knows our Pinot Noir clones - which one provides the rich berry flavors, which one the earthy cedar and spice backbone, and which one adds the color and complexity. Tom's winemaking skill allows each component to develop separately, knowing just when to blend all the parts. Once in the bottle, the wine speaks for itself. The rewards are Tom's, ours and yours: a consistent, high quality vintage year after year.


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  Elke Chardonnay
Rafael Vineyard, Napa Valley • Winemaker: Phyllis Zouzounis Even though we grow Chardonnay in Napa and the Anderson Valley, this first Elke Chardonnay wine is the result of a "joint venture" with long-time friend, Georg Rafael. We delivered Chardonnay grapes from Rafael's Napa vineyard into the hands of winemaker Phyllis Zouzounis at Mazzocco Winery. Our goal was to produce a crisp, clean, French-styled white Burgundy rather than the usual California Chardonnay. The wine was fermented in non-new (used) French oak barrels, was not allowed to go through malolactic fermentation, was filtered and bottled after 10 months. The results are a bright, fruit-forward Chardonnay, clean and crisp with a hint of oak.
  Elke Pinot Noir
Donnelly Creek Vineyard, Anderson Valley • Winemaker: Tom Farella This wine shows the depth and complexity that sets the stage for a very elegant wine – notes of wild berry, very provocative; noticeably different than previous vintages with a bit more grip and tannin, but holds the promise of very great things in 3-5 years of bottle aging. Medium body, a lengthy, velvety finish. Alcohol: 13.8% Oak Aging: 11 months in Francois Freres, Bertranges 30% new.
  Elke Pinot Noir
Donnelly Creek Vineyard, Anderson Valley • Winemaker: Tom Farella Anderson Valley experienced an exceptional and even growing season that produced grapes with fully developed flavors and excellent structure. This was particularly true of the Pommard 5 clone that comprises _ of the vintage. Winemaking techniques remained the same, but for some mysterious reason the 2001 Pommard released more color and structure than in previous years. Alcohol: 13.8%; Oak Ageing: 11 months in Francois Freres, Bertranges 30% new.
  Elke Pinot Noir
Donnelly Creek Vineyard, Anderson Valley• Winemaker: Tom Farella The aromas and flavors are of rich, ripe raspberry and strawberry fruit over a distinct cedar and smoke spice backbone. Alcohol: 13.8%; Oak Aging: 11 months, in Francois Freres, Bertranges 25% new; Total Acidity 0.63; Residual Sugar: Dry.
  Elke Pinot Noir
Donnelly Creek Vineyard, Anderson Valley • Winemaker: Tom Farella The 2003 vintage could be one of the finest we've ever done. Perfectly balanced with notes of berry and cherry, it is immediately drinkable but will age beautifully and in 3-5 years. It is a fantastic Pinot with Tom Farella's careful winemaking very visible. Weve kept the price the same despite a lower run this year. Alcohol: 13.9% Oak Aging: 11 months in Francois Freres, Bertranges 30% new.
  Elke Pinot Noir, Gold Label
Donnelly Creek Vineyard, Anderson Valley • Winemaker: Greg Lafollette This small production Elke Pinot Noir, made by Greg LaFollette, is sourced from Elke’s Anderson Valley vineyard. Moderate red color, bright red fruit, good acid/tannin balance, with focus on fruit rather than wood – but with oak in a background supporting role. Nose evolves to black fruit after opening up. Medium body, with good long fade into sweet red fruit such as strawberry and even cranberry. Alcohol: 14% pH 3.63; Residual Sugar: 0.05%; Oak Ageing: 11 months in various French oak, 40% new.


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