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Balcom & Moe Vineyard

Balcom & Moe Vineyard Maury Balcom is a pioneer grape grower in Washington State, who started making commercial wines more than 10 years ago under the Quarry Lake Label. The Balcom and Moe label was added in late 1994 to reflect the name of the family farming corporation of which Balcom is a part. A graduate of Fresno State University in California with a degree in viticulture enology, Balcom gained his early wine making experience by working for Wente Brothers winery in California. Many of his wines have won medals in competition including a 1986 Chardonnay that won many gold medals including a double gold in the prestigious San Francisco wine competition. He strives to fashion wines which stress their natural fruit to carry enough oak to develop flavors but not to overpower the wine. The results are crisp, clean wines. Balcom is a community leader who is active in statewide efforts to improve agriculture. He believes that wines are first made in the vineyards. Balcom and Moe is a family farming corporation based in Pasco that traces its roots back to the Yakima Valley in the 1920s and currently has third generation family members involved in the operation of the diversified farm. Crops besides wine grapes include potatoes, apples, cherries and corn. Balcom and Moe vineyards have supplied premium wine grapes for 25 different wineries over the years. Currently Balcom and Moe selects special lots of grapes to produce four premium varietal wines under the Balcom and Moe label. They include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.


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2520 Commercial Avenue, Pasco, WA, US, 99301 Email:
Phone: 509-547-7307 Web:
Fax: 509-547-4809
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  1985 Late Bottled Penultimate
  1986 Pinnacle
  1986 Riesling Icewine
  1987 Vendange Tardive Riesling
  1988 Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve
  1988 Chardonnay Reserve
  1988 December Harvest
  1988 Dry Riesling
  1989 Chardonnay, Yakima Valley
  1990 Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Mt Estate
  1990 Chardonnay Reserve
  1991 Merlot, Red Mt
  1992 Cabernet Sauvignon
The 1992 cabernet offers immediate oak aromas and promises of a wine ready to consume. The oak is accompanied by varietal fruit characteristics. The wine is smooth and has a rich full bodied feel with lots of chocolate flavors bursting from the bottle. The finish is long and lingering. It's made from 85 percent cabernet and 8 percent merlot grapes. After a record long growing season this cabernet shows ripe intense fruity flavors and aromas. It was aged in French and American oak for 18 months. This is a wine that would be perfect with a medium rare sirloin steak or prime rib.
  1992 Merlot
The 1992 merlot has a big berry aroma bursting forward when poured from the bottle. It contains 95 percent merlot and 5 percent cabernet sauvignon. There is a meaty, satin smooth flavorful taste to this wine that carries the berry flavors of a classsic merlot. The wine is delicate and balanced with a mellow finish. The 1992 growing season was long and hot which allowed for strong varietal characteristics and complexities. The wine was aged in French and American oak for 18 months. This is a wine to serve with lamb or roast duck.
  1992 Merlot, Two Ladies Reserve
  1993 Chardonnay
The 1993 chardonnay has the classic toasted oak aroma of a fine chardonnay that delivers a rich buttery taste. This full bodied chardonnay has an excellent balance of fruit and oak that delivers a crisp clean finish. The 1993 growing season was short and cool producing intense fruit flavors with strong acids. This chardonnay was barrel fermented in French oak for eight months. This is a wine that would be superb with a salmon mousse or broiled seafood.
  1993 Late Harvest Semillon
  1994 Sauvignon Blanc
The 1994 sauvignon blanc offers delicate aromas of herbs and fruit in the glass followed by a mouth filling lingering taste. There is a clean crisp finish to the wine with a touch of citrus in the aftertaste.Following one of the warmest growing seasons on record the 1994 harvest produced fruit with excellent balance. This sauvignon blanc was 30 percent barrel fermented in French and American oak. This wine would be a fine accompaniment for oysters.
  1998 Vin Gris
  1999 Dry Riesling
  2000 Muscat Ottonel
  2000 Pinot Gris
  2002 Charbonneau 631
  2002 Semillon Columbia Valley
  Cabernet Dolce
  Penumbra - Vin Santo


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