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Mon Ami Historic Winery

Mon Ami Historic Winery The Mon Ami Restaurant and Historic Winery is one of the oldest wineries in the Lake Erie Islands region. The winery is of further significance as one of the four large co-operative wineries which played an important role in the development of the region's wine industry. The Catawba Island wine co-operative, the Catawba Island Wine Company, constructed the winery building that is today's Mon Ami Restaurant and Historic Winery. The Catawba Island Wine Company was founded by a number of Catawba Island grape growers, although the Ellithorpe, Neal and Laudy families, who were pioneer settlers of the Catawba Island Peninsula, are generally regarded as the principal founders.

We're located at 3845 Wine Cellar Road, Catawba Island, in the Lake Erie Islands area, just a few minutes away from Port Clinton, Ohio, the heart of Ohio's North Coast playground. Take Ohio Route 2, exit at Ohio Route 53 North, proceed North 1.5 miles and turn left at the sign on Wine Cellar Road. We are also conveniently located close to the Port Clinton airport and offer shuttle service to and from you plane. Please call to inquire about scheduling a pickup next time you fly in.

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3845 Wine Cellar Road, Port Clinton, OH, US, 43452 Email:
Phone: 800-777-4266 Web:
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  Blush Chablis
A blush of color highlights delicate flavor, medium-dry
Fresh, light and dry with a crisp finish
  Cabernet Franc
Fragrant, dry, accented by lightly spicy undertones
  Cellarmaster's Red
A blend of selected varietals results in this versatile, medium-dry wine
  Cellarmaster's White
Pleasantly refreshing blend of selected white wines, medium dry
A medium-dry blend of selected 2 white wines, fresh and delicious
Sweet and fullbodied reflecting the characteristic Concord flavor
Soft, flavorful and gracefully sweet reflecting this grape's subtle character
  Extra Dry
Medium-dry, light and refined with a subtle bouquet
Medium-dry with a fruity floral aroma and characteristic spiciness
  Haut Sauterne
Golden white and full bodied blend of choice varieties, Moderately sweet
  Ice Wine
A sweet, flavorful wine made from grapes left on the vine until frozen (Distinctive Designer bottle inspired by Ben Richmond)
  Mon Ami California Chardonnay
A nice, well-rounded wine, with enough ripe, apple fruit and oak to satisfy. Dry and crisp, with a polished structure
  Mon Ami California Merlot
Deep and full body with firm tannins and ample acidity. The nose of raisin, mint and licorice draws you in
  Mon Ami California Shiraz
Deep, rich with spicy, smoky nose followed by flavors of plum and blackberry
Fresh-off-the-vine grape flavor, semi-sweet and distinctive
  Pale Cream Sherry
Light, smooth and sweet with a mellow nutty flavor
Delicate and elegantly sweet with a blush of color
  Pink Catawba
Well rounded and full of distinctive Catawba flavor, semi-sweet
  Pinot Grigio
Light, fruity and clean with a pale, straw yellow color
  Pinot Noir
Medium bodied, dry and well balanced with berry overtones
  Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet
A classic full bodied complex red wine
  Proprietor's Reserve Chardonnay
Barrel fermented and oak aged, toasty, buttery and complex
  Rare Ruby Port
Full bodied, sweet and rich
  Reserve Cuvee
Elegant Pinot Noir & Chardonnay premium blend. Exquisitely dry
Medium-dry fresh and delicate with a light floral bouquet
Refreshing blend of French-American varietals, rich pink color, semi-sweet
  Spiced Wine
Cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus flavors enhance the robust red wine. Served hot or cold
Distinctive sparkler with characteristic sweetness
  Sweet Merlo
Fresh and fruity with a berry overtone and a hint of sweetness
  Vidal Blanc
Flavorful and well balanced, fragrant aroma and a hint of sweetness
  Walleye White
An aromatic, medium-dry wine with a crisp and balanced finish
  White Catawba
Rich and sweet complemented by excellent fruit character


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