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Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery

Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery Nestled in the scenic and historical Loess Hills of Western Iowa, our multi-year venture to nurture, grow and harvest some of the finest grapes ever has truly become "fruitful!" Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery is a family owned business committed to providing high quality wines and outstanding customer service. Following the Midwestern traditions of hard work and strong values, Loess Hills Vineyard and Winery emphasizes hands-on processing, resulting in exceptional products for our customers. We will provide you the unique experience of sampling some of the Midwest's finest wines while enjoying a breathtaking view of the scenic Loess Hills of Western Iowa - the very same hills from which many of our grapes are grown.

For those traveling North or South on Interstate 29, Take exit 61A to Cresent and Merge into I-680 Eastbound. You will find that the Interstate ends and becomes Old Mormon Bridge Rd (also known as State Highway 988). Continue on Old Mormon Bridge Road for approximately 2 miles into Crescent where you will stop at a "T" intersection. Turn left (north) at Old Lincoln Highway and go about 0.5 miles.

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1120 Old Lincoln Highway, Crescent, IA, US, 51526 Email:
Phone: 712-545-3054 Web:
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This beautiful blush will make you think of Concord with a spicy kick. The bold grapey and cherry flavors are characteristic of the Steuben grapes in this wine. Enjoy well chilled.
This light, crisp, sweet wine is made from the Pink Catawba grape and is one of life's simple pleasures. Enjoy well chilled.
Recalling an era of simpler times, this sweet Concord style wine continues the tradition of western Iowa's wine-making past. Enjoy well chilled. (Limit 2 Bottles Per Purchase)
Enjoy the par, apricot and peach aromas in this semi-sweet LaCrosse-based white wine while experiencing the long spicy and tropical finish. Serve slightly chilled.
Enjoy the straightforward fruitiness which is derived from three of our top red grape varieties. Grab a bottle and taste what a White Zin wishes it could be. Serve well chilled.
Floral aromas and stone fruit characteristics make Vignole one of the Midwest's premier white grapes. Enjoy this Riesling-like wine slightly chilled.


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