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Rush Creek Wines

Rush Creek Wines Rush Creek Wines is located on the North shores of Lake Erie in the Eastern Region of Elgin County, nearby the historic village of Sparta. A Dream come true for Kim & Wendy Flintoft and their family. Winner of the 2001 National Fruit Wine Maker of the Year Award. Rush Creek Wines offers a wide variety of wines, from dinner wines to dessert wines, meads (honey wine), maple wine, and very dry wines - they have them all. Using only 100% pure fruit from which the wine is named, no grape base is used.

South of Aylmer on Highway 73, turn West on Jamestown Line

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R R #2, Aylmer, ON, CA, N5H 2R2 Email:
Phone: 519-773-5432 Web:
Fax: 519-773-5431
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  Berry Seductive
Has a robust flavour and unforgettable bouquet of fresh picked strawberries. This unique wine has a colour of its own that brings the joy of June to mind. Can be served with a light dinner such as salad and chicken breast or pasta and white sauce. Also makes a great social wine with a mild cheese and plain crackers. * Gold Medal Winner
  Blueberry Rush
Is a refreshing red dinner wine with a pleasing distinct flavour and bouquet of blueberries. It is wonderful served with beef, poultry, and pasta dishes. * Gold Medal Winner
A delicious dessert wine bursting with the fresh fruit flavours of black currants. The bouquet is exceptional and the velvety full body of this wine stimulates the mouth.
  Dry Mead
An elegant wine created from natures most perfect food, "honey". A unique white wine entertaining a delicate bouquet and taste of honey. Dry Mead has a crisp character and satisfying finish. Silver Medal Winner
  Dry Rhubarb
An incredibly smooth dry blush with a heavenly taste of rhubarb. This wine is an exceptional dinner wine and could accompany most white meat dinners. Comparable to Dry Zinfandel.
  Ebony (Dry Black Currant)
Ebony is a light-bodied, dry red wine with a distinct flavour of black currant and smoky tones that is well balanced. Excellent with red meats, wild game and pasta.
  Elderberry Dessert
A traditional sweet fruit wine similar to the homemade wine tucked away in the pantries of days gone by. Pleasant bouquet and a marvelous taste. * Silver Medal Winner
  Elderberry Reserve
A smooth full bodied oaked red wine made from 100% Ontario Elderberries. This well balanced dry red is an excellent accompaniment to red meat or where ever a quality red wine is appropriate. * Silver Medal Winner
  Elderberry Select
A well balanced red with gentle tannins and fresh fruity bouquet. A very smooth wine with rich elderberry flavours and pleasant after tastes. An excellent table wine but equally suitable as a social wine.
Rush Creeks premier dessert wine. Very rich and full bodied bursting with luscious raspberry flavour. Traditionally served similar to an after-dinner liqueur accompanied by a rich chocolate dish such as fudge or black forest cake. Also delicious drizzled over ice cream or cheesecake.
  Garden Huckleberry
A robust full bodied dry dark red. Made of 100% huckleberries. Nicely balanced, displays a unique bouquet & taste of its own. Serve with red meats or pasta.
A light dessert wine with a fresh riesling like flavour and distinct bouquet.
  Gooseberry Blush
Semi-Dry white wine dinner wine with subtle hints of gooseberry flavour, similar to a riesling excellent served with poultry, fish and any white meats.
  Harmony Dry Peach
Is a dry well rounded white wine with a subtle peach flavour and bouquet at home as a dinner or social wine, somewhat similar to chardonnay. * Silver Medal Winner
  Iced Strawberry
Is a wonderful dessert wine to be served on its own or with a light puff pastry. Also nice with strawberry shortcake. This is for the strawberry lover at heart.
  Maple Rush
A rich full bodied fortified dessert wine made from Ontario maple syrup. Smooth maple flavours greet your palate then settle leaving you with fond memories of the sugar bush. Excellent as a light dessert on its own or served with pecan or pumpkin pie and white chocolate. * Double Gold Medal Winner * Best of Show - 2003 National Fruit Wines Competition
  Nectarine Obsession
Enjoy this elegant white wine with its pleasingly fruity bouquet and delicious flavour. This is a superb wine to accompany any meal. Gold Medal Winner
  Peach Classic
A very dry crisp white wine with a subtle peach bouquet and flavour with oakey hints.
  Plum Blush
A medium blush wine with a distinct bouquet and flavour of Japanese plums. This wine is similar to a dry zinfandel and is excellent served with fish, white meat dishes and stir fry. Also makes a great social wine.
  Rockin Raspberry
Is a delicious aggressively flavoured wine with a wonderful bouquet whose sparking ruby colour is a treat to the eyes and tantalizing to your tastes. Delicious with red meats but also very nice with roast turkey. Best of Show - 2001 Fruit Wines of Canada National Competition
  Simply Apple
Is a white dry wine with light bouquet and flavour of a special blend of apples to suit your palette. This wine is suited for any white meat or fish dishes and great with cheddar cheese and crackers.
  Spiced Apple
A tasty apple dessert with cinnamon and cloves, "apple pie in a bottle", very nice chilled, but very popular heated as a mulled cider. Gold Medal Winner
  Summer Essence
A sweet well balanced white wine with a pleasant fruity bouquet and flavour with a gentle aftertaste. Can be a light dessert wine or a sweet social wine.
  Sweet Mead
A subtle medium wine displaying fresh honey aromas and aftertaste. A very tasty version of one of mankinds oldest wines.


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