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Alexis Bailly Vineyard

Alexis Bailly Vineyard The elegant dry table wines from the Alexis Bailly Vineyard in the Hiawatha Valley of the Upper Mississippi have earned Alexis Bailly Vineyard national acclaim and Minnesota unlikely fame in the wine-drinking world. Undeterred by viticulturists who asserted that no wine grape could withstand Minnesota winters, David A. Bailly, a Minneapolis attorney, rose to the challenge of establishing a new viticultural region. In 1973, Bailly bought a 20-acre field of winter rye and planted it with French grapes.

Alexis Bailly Vineyard is located just 5 minutes from historic Hastings, Minnesota, just a short distance off Highway 61.

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18200 Kirby Avenue, Hastings, MN, US, 55033 Email:
Phone: 651-437-1413 Web:
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  Country Red
Blended from a variety of hearty grapes developed for our cold climate, this is a dry red similar in style to the earthy wines of the Rhone Valley in France. Light to medium bodies with a taste of cherries and a hint of spice, the Country Red mingles well with the forward flavors of robust food. Click here for recipes.
  Country Rosé
With an appealing color and fresh flavor, the Country Rosé is a friendly wine with a light, semi-sweet fruit. Serve well-chilled at a picnic or anytime on its own.
  Country White
Fruity, soft and slightly off-dry, the Country White is your everyday quaffing wine. Like the vin de pays wines of France for which it is named, it is an easy wine made to drink young.
Our newest varietal wine, the Frontenac grape was developed at the University of Minnesota to survive the extremes of our climate. A big, deeply colored wine with black berry fruit, the Frontenac spends a year in new Minnesota grown oak barrels. A promising wine for our future that is in limited quantity and only available at the winery.
  Hastings Reserve
Moderately sweet and fortified, this is a heavy dessert wine made in the style of ruby port. A blended variety of Minnesota-grown grapes that includes our own native species, the vitas riparia, this non-vintage port was aged in oak barrells for several years before bottling. The Hastings Reserve is drinkable now, but it can be cellared for five to ten years. Click here for recipes.
  Léon Millot
A smooth, yet full-bodied dry red, the Millot is allowed an extra year in the barrel before bottling. Still young and intense, this wine will reach maturity in two to three years. This is a stately wine in limited production.
  Maréchal Foch
A dry red wine that begins with bold, ripe fruit and ends with a soft lingering finish, the Foch is ABV's signature wine. Named for the famous French hero of WWI, it is also our most highly decorated wine in national competition. ABV's Maréchal Foch is fine company for any evening meal.
This delightful orange-infused wine blends rich, red grapes with tangy citrus and notes of vanilla. Toasty. Spicy. Nutty. A unique fortified wine that works as an aperitif, cocktail or dessert. The bottle comes from Italy, but the wine is an ABV original. Click here for more information and recipes.
  Seyval Blanc
A dry, crisp wine that is perfect with most light foods, the Seyval Blanc is our premium white wine. With its balance of fruit and bright, clean finish, this is a wine that is elegant and appealing.
  Seyval Ice Wine
A sweet white dessert wine made in the style of the famous German wines pressed from frozen grapes. As the water freezes from the fruit, the sugars are concentrated to produce a lusciously rich wine with the sweetness of honey. Also known as "nectar of the gods." Click here for more information and recipes.


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