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Greendance The Winery at Sandhill

Greendance The Winery at Sandhill The principals of Greendance were running parallel courses toward opening a winery and lived within miles of each other without even meeting. The Lynns, Susan and Rick, and the Schillings, Amy and Rob, produced gourmet small fruits for wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and has even supplied the White House with gooseberries, currants, and golden raspberries for two state dinners. Gradually they began to recognize that the highest use of their small fruits was pure fruit wines, and that their expertise in cultural practices would accommodate production of quality hybrid vinifera grapes to provide a full spectrum of wines. Although the new winery was planned for six years, it was stalled by the demands of fruit growing and various regulatory issues. During the final development the Sand Hill Berries partners discovered Walter and Roxanne Vinoski. The Vinoski family has been making wine and and growing grapes for years and Walt had carried forth that tradition with a zeal for quality using both his family experience and his analytical and technical abilities as an engineer. Because of their dedication and award-winning success as private enologists, the Vinoskis envisioned a winery to make their passion available for all to appreciate. In the late winter of 2007, Greendance was consummated and opened in September of that year.

Greendance is located in southwestern Pennsylvania, just outside of town of Mt. Pleasant off Rte. 819 on Deer Field Road. For specific driving directions, enter your zip code in the box to the left.

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306 Deer Field Road, Mount Pleasant, PA, US, 15666 Email:
Phone: 724-547-6500 Web:
Fax: 724-547-6572
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  Black Currant
The fruit with the most Vitamin C, bioflavonoid and anti-oxidants, a bold fruit with cabernet characteristics.
  Black Currant Port
A sweet 15% black currant wine fortified with 170 proof brandy to 18 1/2% Alcohol and back sweetened with pure juice for a smooth finish. Black currants are one of northern Europe's and Scandinavia's favorite fruits, but they are rarely grown here in the United States. This brandy is tannin-rich, with great potential for aging. Black currants are one of the only fruits that rival grapes in complexity of flavonoids and anthocyanins, in addition to being one of the fruits highest in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.
This great fruit wine is a blend of four blackberries. It is a favorite of many of our customers.
An Austrian grape that is light but appetizingly spicy with slight raspberry flavors. produces light-bodied smooth wine that is meant to be drunk young (aka. Limberger, Blaufrankisch, Blauer Limberger , Franconia, Kekfrankos).
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This Cabernet Sauvignon is medium in body, but heavy and velvety in texture. Notes of black currant and plum make it a little fruit-forward with medium French and American oak for balance. It is a traditional wine with an identity that has not been lost through over-oaking. Its flavor does not tire the palate and does not overwhelm the food accompanying its drinking. The wine has a dry character but retains the essence of fullness of the ripe grape.
  Cayuga White
Very clean hints of oranges, limes and nasturtiums
This is an excellent dinner wine with grilled fish, seafood with cream sauce, poultry, and pork. If pairing with cheese, use a strong cheese. Perfect with oysters—consider them for one of your appetizers and serve Chardonnay.
According to the Enology Department at Virginia Tech, " of the best Concords we've ever tasted."
  Country Cabernet
This wine is a slightly sweet version of the highly esteemed Cabernet Sauvignon grape. This a a beautiful medium body wine and is very good for introducing new wine connoisseurs to the joys and complexities of aged and oaky dry Cab.
  Country Chardonnay
Fresh and lightly fruity. Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Chardonel
The elderberry is higher in tannins than red grapes. It ages well; it is said to improve with age up to seven years. This elderberry is not to be considered a country wine.
Floral and fruity with some spice
  Maréchal Foch
Whatever the true genealogy of the cultivar, Marechal Foch is often considered to possess Burgundian characteristics, having a vibrant, deep purple color, with a light-medium structure and dark berry fruit characteristics with black fruit aromas, toasted wheat, coffee and dark chocolates.
One common denominator of the Merlot wines is their suppleness, and you will find that quality in this Greendance wine. It is a rich classic with an aromatic nose of blackberry and plum. There is an underlying acidity that results in a long, well-balanced finish.
Exactly the same as being in your great-grandmother's grape arbor on a warm September afternoon. Heavy, rich and round.
  Pinot Gris
The grape can be grown locally because it ripens early. Its acidity drops off early, very soon after ripening, giving it a creamy sourdough character. This sourdough/pretzel character is unique to Pinot Gris. This Pinot Gris is dry, broad, slightly yeasty and citrusy.
  Port of Sand Hill
Rich with marked cherry and traditional port flavors
  Red Currant
The traditional Victorian homemade wine providing special moments to families since Colonial times. Red currants are native in North America. They are tangy, woodsy, tart, and the most beautiful red. All these qualities are reflected in the finished wine with just enough residual sugar to offset the acidity. The result is clean, semi-dry, and superbly fresh-tasting. This wine is excellent with game and poultry dishes, and can be part of a gorgeous wine punch for the holidays.
  Red Raspberry
A blend of 7 red raspberries cold fermented and back blended with pure red raspberry juice giving a fruity nose, velvety texture & crispy finish.
Big full bodied wine. Natural fermentation stopped at 1% residual sugar. No sugar added for our health conscience friends.
A non-conforming blend of native American and European grapes.
  Sparkling Gooseberry
A wonderful and different sparkling for celebrations. The beautiful apricot color enhances the taste experience.
Traminette is great with the flavorful cuisines of India and the Pacific Rim and other zesty cuisines without tomato as a base. This Traminette is so enjoyable on its own—but it is perfect with sausage, fruit dishes, and fine cheese.
  Vidal Blanc
Creamy with crisp citrus notes
  Vidal Blanc Late Harvest, Reserve
Very intense and sweet.
  White Cabernet Sauvignon
A refreshing light wine, easy to enjoy and perfect with light meals.
  Wild Blueberry
The smaller the blueberry, the greater the flavor, because all the blueberry tastes reside in the skin of this little wild aristocrat.


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