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Fujishin Family Cellars

Fujishin Family Cellars Fujishin Family Cellars is a new Winery that emerged in May 2009. Though the Winery is new, the Winemaker, Martin Fujishin is well established in winemaking and viticulture.


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217 S. Kimball Avenue, Caldwell, ID, US, 83676 Email:
Phone: 208-573-0793 Web:
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  Late Harvest Chardonnay
Our Late Harvest Chardonnay is the newest addition to the FFC wine family. A lighter alternative to Ice Wines and other dessert wines, it's focus is on the fruit. With sweetness and a bit of tart acidity it has luscious apple, pear, peach, and apricot with a slightly deceptive melon and honeydew nose. Meant to be served alone as a finish to a great dinner; or with cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, or our personal favorite, fresh blueberries and angelfood cake, it will be a great compliment to any summertime or early fall gathering.
Our 2007 Merlot is meant to be a classic French style wine with hints of a northwest influence. It has luscious berry flavors balanced nicely with earthy notes that make Merlot one of our favorite wines. Though maligned in the movie "Sideways," we feel that Merlot is a classic grape and that makes such beautiful wine, we couldn't resist it's allure.
Our winemaker has always been attracted to the wines of the Rhone Valley of France. Viognier originated there as a blending wine and in co-fermentations with Syrah. Both French and Australian winemakers discovered it over time and Viognier made its mark as a bright, floral, and fruit forward wine. It wasn't until Viognier reached the Northwest US that it really gained a following. We're excited to release our take on this new northwest favorite!


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