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Chautauqua Vineyards

Chautauqua Vineyards Chautauqua Vineyards, the largest vineyards in Florida, is located just north of DeFuniak Springs. The vineyards and winery are owned by Paul and Kate Owens of Brewton, AL. The vineyards was planted in 1979. The grapes grown are hybrids of the native grapes, and have been selected for wine production. The vineyard is irrigated and fertilized carefully for optimum fruit quality. Because, as any wine enthusiast will testify, the wine begins in the vineyard.


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364 Hugh Adams Rd., DeFuniak Springs, FL, US, 32435 Email:
Phone: 850-892-5887 Web:
Fax: 850-892-9539
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  American Port
A classic dessert wine made from Noble grapes. Aged for years in wood barrels, this wine has a depth of flavor, aroma and complexity that only comes with time.
A casual wine which is made from infusing natural peach and orange flavor in a premium table wine. The Beachberry is finished sweet to complement the round flavor of the peach and orange blend. Best served chilled. Also excellent when mixed with an equal part of your favorite lemon lime soda to create a refreshing low alcohol cooler.
A fruit wine made from select blackberries at the peak of flavor and intensity. This wine is finished sweet to match the rich flavor and texture.
A fruit wine made from southern blueberries. The wine is finished in a sweet style to complement the berry flavor.
A blend of Carlos and Noble Muscadine wines. Finished in a semi-sweet style, this wine is a perennial favorite, and is best enjoyed chilled.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A dry red table wine with firm tannins and a nice depth of fruit. The dry finish of this traditional classic is in balance with full body and complex bouquet.
A semi-sweet white Muscadine wine made from Carlos grapes. This award winning wine is fermented at low temperatures to capture the luscious flavor and aroma of the Carlos grape. Best enjoyed chilled.
A dry white table wine with a harmony of fruit and oak. The ripe fruit and firm acid are best enjoyed slightly chilled, but not to cold.
  Chocolate Port
This special wine is crafted from our best port, chosen from the racks of barrels. The Port is bottled and a select blend of cacao beans are added. The cacao beans add a rich, dark, earthy chocolate bouquet and flavor to this already outstanding dessert wine. A Chautauqua Vineyards exclusive creation.
  Emerald Spumante
A sweet flavorful sparkling wine with abundant fruit and lush texture. Best served well chilled.
A dry red table wine which is shows a bit more fruit than the Cabernet, and a very approachable sophistication.
A semi-sweet red Muscadine wine made from Noble grapes. The flavor and color of our most popular wine result from grapes being crushed and fermented on the skins to extract the festive flavor of the grape. Best served at cool room temperature.
  Sugar Sands White
A semi-sweet white wine made from fragrant Niagara grapes. Best served chilled.
  Sunset Red
A semi-sweet red wine made from rich flavored Concord grapes. Enjoy slightly chilled in summer, or hot as a mulled wine with spices and orange in winter.
  Vanilla Sherry
This unique dessert wine is made by selecting the best of our cream sherry from the racks of barrels. A real Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean is added to the sherry before corking and sealing. The wine then is flavored and infused during bottle aging with the luscious aroma and tropical flavor only possible with real Vanilla. A Chautauqua Vineyards exclusive creation.
  White Zinfandel
A semi-sweet wine made by pressing red Zinfandel grapes quickly, to get a delicate blush wine from this red grape. Best enjoyed chilled.
  Wildflower Honey Muscadine
A sweet white Muscadine wine made from Carlos grapes and sweetened with wildflower honey. A truly unique wine, reminiscent of late harvest style wines with rich aroma and full, round finish. Best served chilled.


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