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Hill Prairie Winery

Hill Prairie Winery The present day site of the vineyard is surrounded by native Illinois prairie grasses. The grasses have been restored to look much like original Illinois prairie that greeted our ancestors when they arrived to settle this area. Since the time of the settlers and the advent of the steel plow, the natural prairie slowly disappeared. It was plowed under to make way for the cultivation of grain and forage crops. Until recent years the only place left to observe these natural prairie plants was in places inaccessible to the plow and tractor. The places were generally steep knobs or hills, often located in wooded areas or near river bluffs. They are usually small parcels of land, sometimes only a few square feet on top of a hill. The conservation community called these areas "hill prairies." In recent times the seeds from these plants have been reproduced commercially and programs have been put in place to restore large areas of prairie plants. Our vineyard and surrounding area is one of the restored prairies. So to recognize the heritage of our Illinois prairies, we have honored our past by naming our winery after the landscape from which it was born.

From Springfield: Take 125 northeast, turn right on Route 97. Hill Prairie Winery is just before Oakford. From Jacksonville: Take 78 north to Chandlerville, take Oakford Blacktop to town. Turn right on Route 97. Hill Prairie Winery is on the left, just south of Oakford. From Peoria: Take 155 south, turn right on 136 to Havana. Take Route 97 south to Oakford.

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23753 Lounsberry Road, Oakford, IL, US, 62673 Email:
Phone: 217-635-9900 Web:
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A dry wine made from the French hybrid Chambourcin, grown in Illinois
A dry white wine made from our French hybrid Chardonel grapes
  Country Concord
A pure country original. Made sweet just like granpa may have made it, from a grape everyone knows
A sweet white varietal made from the Niagara grape, known for its unique aroma and flavor
  Prairie Barn Blush
From Hill Prairie vines, blend of white and red grapes to make a sweet delight
  Prairie Barn Red
A sweet red wine made from a blend with the French hybrid Frontenac, grown right here at Hill Prairie Vineyard
  Prairie Berry
A blend of Blueberry and Blackberry made with just enough sweetness to enhance the natural burst of fruit in your mouth
  Prairie Dew
A semi-sweet wine made with some of the natural sweetness of the vine locked inside these delicious Chardonel grapes
  Prairie Sunshine
A sweet white wine made from the vines of Hill Prairie Vineyard
  Red Velvet
Made from 100% Red Raspberry. This is a nectar made sweet for special occasions. It is great with chocolate cake or cheesecake
This is a unique sweet wine made from Vignoles grapes grown in our vineyards


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