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Obelisco Estate - Apple Farm Village

Obelisco Estate - Apple Farm Village We often look to history for examples of intriguing notions. How have humans left their mark on places of discovery? How have we announced ourselves, our presence, to the world? As early as 2000 BC, obelisks were quarried out of solid red granite along the banks of the Nile in Egypt and ferried by boats buoyed by flood waters to their destinations, where they were erected as monuments. To this day, obelisks are icons reminiscent of civilizations past, insistent symbols still representing their creators’ marks on the earth. Although the first obelisks were quarried in Egypt, the Greeks were the first to write about them – therefore, the word obelisk comes from the Greek obeliskos, meaning “prong for roasting”. As a general rule, obelisks were erected in pairs and served to magically protect the temple. The obelisk is composed of two parts: The body and the pyramidion, the pyramid shaped top designed to allow the sun to reflect from its faces, thereby symbolizing the rays of the sun. The Egyptians believe the solar rays brought great power, even into the grave, which would subsequently resurrect the deceased.


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14525 148th Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA, US, 98072 Email:
Phone: 425-892-2610 Web:
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  Cabernet Sauvignon
Silver Medal Winner! Tasters Guild Wine Lovers Competition. This Cabernet wine is a rich, full-bodied, elegant red wine with earthy and chocolate overtones. Aged for 36 months in small oak barrels, this is a premium Washington red wine. Enjoy with meats, cheese and chocolate.
This special barrel-fermented Chardonnay has an excellent balance of vanilla and buttery flavors. We allow the wine to remain in the oak barrels on the yeast lees up to a year, which produces a natural fining. Its subtle citrus flavor gives it a lovely finish, and would complement cheese, fish and fruit. This wine will age nicely, or enjoy drinking it now.
  Estate Riesling
Silver Medal Winner! 2006 Tasters Guild International Judging. A not-too-sweet white wine not just for desserts. It’s crisp apple/pear-like finish makes this wine a sipper or food wine. Pairs great with fish & chicken dishes, soups, salads, cheeses, turkey and, yes - desserts. 1% residual sugar on the finish.
A medium-bodied red wine with lots of zest! Aged in small American and French oak barrels for 18 months, this wine is bursting with the rich flavors of ripe cherry, plum and pepper. A relative newcomer to the American scene, only a handful of Washington wineries produce Lemberger as a varietal wine. The origin of this unusual red grape is Germany. It grows vigorously in the Yakima Valley in areas where Cabernet or Merlot can not. Very drinkable with a wide range of foods from pasta to turkey to cheeses and more.
  Lemberger Blanc
Silver Medal Winner! Tasters Guild 2006 International Wine Judging. Oakwood Cellar’s one-of-a-kind wine made 100% from the red grape. It’s light tropical fruity aromas and flavors will match great with spicy hot food to soups, salads, seafood, salmon, smoked fish, cheeses to desserts or just a movie and popcorn. 1% residual sugar on the finish.
Silver Medal Winner! Tasters Guild Wine Lovers Competition, August 2006. A lush red wine with great berry & fruit overtones. The oak balance makes this red wine a real sipper but, of course, will pair with prime rib, barbecued meats, pasta dishes, duck, pork and wonderful chocolate desserts. (The winemaker’s favorite).
Bronze Medal Winner! Northwest Wine Summit Bronze Medal Winner! Tasters Guild International Judging
Syrah is another example of Oakwood's Premium wines. Aged in small oak barrels for 18 months, this Syrah is full of fruit with smooth cherry overtones, nice tannins, and will complement an array of foods such as cheeses, meat dishes, hearty soups and chocolate desserts. Enjoy!


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