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Alex's Red Barn Winery

Alex's Red Barn Winery Superb wines are handcrafted in this small winery nestled in the rolling hills in the enchanted Yakut Estate Vineyards. The vineyard is located in the prestigious Temecula Valley wine country, approximately twenty miles from the Pacific Coast and situated at an elevation of 1400 feet above sea level. Temecula is historically an Indian village the name of which means "the sun filtering through the mist". This typifies the valley's microclimate. Its hot sunny days moderated by the cool ocean breezes that flow daily through the Rainbow Gap and the the cool chilly nights provide the best climatic combination for grapevines to produce optimum wine grapes. The twenty five acre estate vineyard is farmed by the Yakut family. It was developed forty years ago by land developers to demonstrate the area's wine grape growing capability to potential land purchasers. The Yakut Estate Vineyards are now famous for the quality of their grapes and wiines including: Old-vine Sauvignon Blanc; Old-vine Cabernet Sauvignon OId-vine Johannisberg Riesling; Solera style Sherry; Muscat Canelli; Viognier; Syrah. Red Barn Wines are now available for purchase through the internet to states where wine shipment is legal. The availability of these handcrafted wines is limited due to the small amounts produced at the winery.


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39820 Calle Contento, Temecula, CA, US, 92591 Email:
Phone: 951-693-3201 Web:
Fax: 951-676 8101
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  Cream Sherry
Our Solera currently produces a triple-cream Sherry in a typical solera process. Please click on Solera to read about the process and the full Oloroso type we produce.
  Old-vine Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold Medal Cabernet Sauvignon have been produced from old vine grapes grown on our Yakut Vineyards. This Cabernet will thrill you with its intricacy and subtlety. It possesses the exact, and pronounced fruit flavor of black currants and the aroma of green peppers. Drink a glass of this marvelous wine and it will convey to you the compelling feeling you get when listening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The Red Barn's old-vine Cabernet Sauvignon is hand crafted from fully mature grapes that are not harvested till they reach the exact degree of ripeness of 24.5 Brix, so as to get the full effect of Temecula's hot sun and cold nights. Reward yourself with a bottle of this majestically beautiful wine.
  Old-vine Johannisberg Riesling
Andre Tchelistcheff, the legendary dean of american winemakers once wrote that he saw Temecula as the place to produce one of the greatest Rieslings. He cited two reasons: Riesling matures there very late, as it matures in the upper Rhine. And they are grown in gravelly, light, granitic soils which are only available there. Many of Temecula's best winemakers consider Yakut Vineyards Rieslings as the premier Riesling grapes of Temecula. The Riesling grapes have the advantage of retaining their acidity while achieving high levels of sugar. This fact lead to the production of wines with long aging potential. Riesling has a sweet,spicy flavor, with a taste of peaches and apricot. Its crisp acidity results in a well balanced wine, easy to drink as an aperitif or as a complement to fish or poultry. Treat yourself to a bottle of this excelent wine.
  Old-vine Sauvignon Blanc
This treasured wine, interchangeably called Sauvignon Blanc or Fume Blanc, is made from Yakut Vineyards' forty year old vines. The Red Barn's Sauvignon Blanc is blended with only 1% Viognier to enhance its freshness. Otherwise it is totally Sauvignon Blanc. So, order a bottle or a case of this perfect wine and savor its distinctive flavors.


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