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Almaden Vineyards

Almaden Vineyards Welcome to Almaden Vineyards, California’s oldest winery. We invite you to learn more about the history of Almaden by reading our story. Take a few moments to explore California’s wine country and its abundant vineyards, and discover for yourself how our winemaking approach shapes the wines you have grown to enjoy and love.


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12667 Road 24, Madera, CA, US, 93637 Email:
Phone: 800-726-9977 Web:
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  Alfresco Red
A light, lush balance of red berries. Delicious served chilled on a warm summer evening.
  Blush Chablis
A pink-blush wine with hints of ripe berries and floral aromas. Its fresh fruit character and balanced acidity makes it perfect for lighter fare.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Almaden’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a rewardingly rich dark-red wine with robust character. Ideal with richer foods.
With its slightly buttery flavor with crisp, concentrated character of apple and pear, Almaden Chardonnay is the essential white wine.
Intense Italian-style red wine with hints of spice, blackberry and licorice. A fine partner for flavorful foods.
  Emerald Riesling
Along with its vivid golden hues, this German-style wine features floral, fruit and citrus aromas, and a nice balance of acidity and sweetness with a medium-bodied finish.
  Golden Chablis
This exceptional wine is honey-colored with reflections of ripe apricot and melon. Perfect for any occasion.
  Light Chablis
With its striking pale gold color and the mingling of peach and apricot aromas, this light wine is thoroughly refreshing to enjoy.
  Light White Zinfandel
This delicate wine refreshes with notes of ripe strawberries and apples. Its lightly sweet character is nicely balanced by a crisp acidity.
  Mango Flavored Blush Sangria
A tropical twist on the traditional, this refreshing sangria blends crisp white wine with the natural flavors of lush ripe mango and exotic tropical fruit.
Velvety and smooth with traces of toasty oak and spice. The classic red wine.
  Mountain Burgundy
A delightful red wine bursting with fragrant fruit and spice character. Made for pure enjoyment.
  Mountain Chablis
Pure, enticing aromas of citrus and ripe apricot shine in this light-golden, perfectly balanced wine made for sheer enjoyment.
  Mountain Rhine
A golden blend of floral and sweet spices. This wine makes a tasteful addition to any meal.
  Mountain Rosé
This wine boasts a lovely rosé color and complex fruit character. In each glass, aromas of strawberry and cherry are balanced with a soft floral bouquet.
  Raspberry Flavored Red Sangria
Deliciously smooth, this sangria blends red wine with the delightful natural flavors of sun-ripened, freshly picked red and black raspberries and a hint of lime.
  Red Sangria
A light, but festive red wine livened up with citrus and berry fruit flavors, this sangria packs a punch and delivers a refreshing sensation with each sip.
  White Grenache
Experience bright and refreshing floral character with the essence of sweet ripe berries. The classic blush wine.
  White Sangria
Light and crisp, this sangria is a delightful blend of white wine and subtle hints of exotic fruit flavors. This is one wine that is sure to please.
  White Zinfandel
This delicate pink berry wine offers aromas that delight your senses with a touch of sweetness, creating a reason to celebrate!


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