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Maple River Winery

Maple River Winery Once upon a time 2 neighbors sat under an apple tree wondering what to do with all of the apples that would soon be ripe. One neighbor looked at the other and said, "Let's make wine". "Sure", says the other neighbor. "We tried it once with not much luck, but we're willing to try it again". The first 5 gallons of wine was bottled December 1999. We chose "Millenium" for our name for the first few months, but after a little research learned that name was taken. Since the Maple River is not far from where the wine is made in Casselton, ND, we incorporated the river into our name. Hence, Maple River Winery was born. That is not the end of the story however. North Dakota had a law saying we could MAKE wine, but in order to sell it we needed a $500 license. We talked to our Representative about introducing a Bill in the next legislative session and we patterened it after the Minnesota farm winery license. It passed easily in both the House and Senate and the Governor gladly signed it into law.

Interstate 94 to Casselton exit at mm331. 15 minutes west of Fargo. North into Casselton. Turn left at railroad tracks. Our winery is located directly across the street from Governor's Park at 630 Front Street.

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628 Front Street, Casselton, ND, US, 58012 Email:
Phone: 701-347-5900 Web:
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This light semi-sweet blush wine provides an aroma of fresh strawberries and hand picked apples. Serve chilled with pasta or when entertaining guests.
  Apple Cinnamon
Enjoy a romantic, semi-sweet fruit wine that presents a soft apple pie taste with a hint of cinnamon and citrus fruit. Serve well chilled or warmed. Tastes great by a fireplace or with a candlelight dinner. Order me now at
  Apple Jalapeno
This robust, white wine has a semi-sweet apple taste progressing to a mild and not overpowering warmth of jalapeno peppers. This unique award-winning wine is perfect for hosting friends or with light foods. Serve well chilled or warmed. The apple jalapeno wine is hand-crafted in small quantities at the Maple River Winery in Casselton, North Dakota. Order me now at
  Apple Rhubarb
This enticing semi-dry white fruit wine consists of the sweetness of North Dakota apples and other citrus fruits with the tartness of homegrown rhubarb. This blend creates a well-balanced crisp taste that is very refreshing. This wine is a trademark of the Maple River Winery. Apple Rhubarb wine should be served will chilled. It compliments seafood and pasta dishes very nicely, as well as a perfect match to serve when welcoming friends. Enjoy our masterpiece!
This semi-sweet, hand-crafted wine made from North Dakota apricots compliments salads, pastas and white meats. Serve chilled
This traditional North Dakota mainstay has been made throughout the generations. Everyone remembers a form of chokecherry wine from every taste. Styles included being very sweet to very tart to semi-sweet to semi-dry. Our chokecherry wine tries to reflect on those back-home feelings and values. This wine is a semi-sweet wine that has that wonderful chokecherry taste that so many people remember. Serve this semi-sweet wine with red meat dishes as well as good old-fashioned home cooking. Every glass brings back a taste of home.
This semi-dry and delicate white wine has a crisp apple aroma and a soft bouquet of citrus fruit. It is an excellent compliment to pasta dishes. Serve well chilled.
Fresh harvested raspberries from the North Dakota plains provide a wonderful flavor for all occasions. Serve chilled.
Experience the sweet taste of homemade rhubarb pie with this sweet, blush wine. Serve chilled.
This light semi-sweet blush wine provides an aroma of fresh strawberries and hand picked apples. Serve chilled with pasta or when entertaining guests.
  Wild Plum
This original North Dakota trademark wine offers an alternative to sweet wines. This dry, blush wine creates a taste of the North Dakota prairie with a delicate flower taste. Wild Plum wine, made with North Dakota wild plums, compliments pasta and red meat dishes. This wine would be a great addition to entertaining friends or sipping on a warm, summer day.


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