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Kirkwood Winery

Kirkwood Winery Kirkwood Winery has the distinction of being the first vineyard in this region, and is located in a rural valley three miles north of Summersville, West Virginia. With his two sons, Rodney Facemire planted his vineyards in spring of 1984, only to lose the vineyards to the harsh winter that year and the ensuing droughts of 1985. Determined to succeed, the vineyards were replanted in the following years and now consist of over six acres that produce 40 tons of grapes annually. During this period, the orchards already on the farm were expanded. Blackberry, raspberry and blueberry fields were planted and a rhubarb patch was established. The old family oak press featured on our label has been used since trial production first began almost two decades ago. Harvests from these fields now yield over 4,000 gallons of wine annually from which more than 30 different varieties of French Hybrid American varietal, mead, vegetable and other fruit wines are produced.

Directions from Charleston: Take I-79 north to US-19 (Summersville exit 57). Take US-19 south to Summersville West Virginia. At Summersville, turn left on Phillips Run Road and follow the signs to the Winery. Directions from Morgantown: Take I-79 south to US-19 (Summersville exit 57). Take US-19 south to Summersville West Virginia. At Summersville, turn left on Phillips Run Road and follow the signs to the Winery. Directions from Beckley: Take I-77 north to US-19. Take US-19 north to Summersville West Virginia. At Summersville, turn right on Phillips Run Road and follow the signs to the Winery.

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45 Winery Lane, Summersville, WV, US, 26651 Email:
Phone: 888-498-9463 Web:
Fax: 304-872-7332
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A medium burgundy wine with a fine bouquet.
  American Concord
A delightfully soft American wine with a ripe flavor and a light hint of oak.
  Appalachian Ramp Wine
Garlic onion wine that's great for cooking. You have to try this one to believe it.*
  Baco Noir
A firm burgundy wine made from French hybrid grapes that has a delicate, spicy aroma.
  Black Satin Blackberry
This wine has a rich, pleasant, fruity aroma with a pronounced berry flavor.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Burgundy wine with a firm easy distinguished flavor.
A crisp white wine with a full-bodied bouquet.
A firm, distinguished wine with a fine bouquet.
A firm, elegant wine that has a unique flavor.
A dark red wine with a well balanced bouquet.
A rich, firm wine that has a slight raspberry flavor.
  Golden Peach
This distinguished wine has a fresh, fruity flavor that's sure to please the palate.
The land of Kirkwood's own special blend of the finest grape and apple wines.
A rich, well-balanced, full fruit character wine with a hint of oak.
  Moonglow Pear
A distinguished, light white wine that has a slight taste of oak.
  Mountain Blueberry
A well balanced, good wine with a lively taste.
  Native Niagara
A distinguished native wine made in the old eastern tradition that has a full bodied flavor.
  Ray of Gold
A delightful, crisp tasting wine made from the finest French hybrid grapes.
  Red Currant
A interesting red with a currant flavor.
  Red Raspberry
A robust, hearty wine with a rich berry flavor.
A firm wine with a natural fruity taste. One of our best sellers.
  Ripple Blush
An original form the land of Kirkwood, this delightful blend of fruit wines has a fresh, unique flavor.
  Royal Blush
This award winning wine has a bold, full character and the slightest hint of oak.
  Royal Blush Mead
A refreshing wine with a taste of honey and a full character.
A fresh, delicate wine with a unique taste.
  Seyval Mead
A unique, fresh wine with a delicate honey flavor.
  Superior Plum
A full flavored wine with a strong, pleasant character.
  Swiss Chard Rhubarb
A foxy, firm white wine with a distinctive flavor.
  The Concord Stomp
The official grape stomping wine of Kirkwood.
  Wild Elderberry
A full-bodied, sweet wine, that is rich in flavor.
One of our most popular wines, this white dessert wine has a soft, fruity flavor and a light hint of oak.
  Yellow Transparent
A crisp, dry white wine with a light taste of oak.


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