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Dusinberre Cellars

Dusinberre Cellars Dusinberre history dates back to the early 1650’s, where Dutch settlers began their new life in Fort Amsterdam, New York. Hendrick Van Doesberg and Marritjen Van Harlem wed in 1655, and began their family. Hendrick Van Doesberg when living in Holland in 1644, was known as Hedrick Van Hendrickszen Van Doesberg en Guilderland. Van Doesburg, named for a town in eastern Holland was added to his name to distinguish himself between other Hendrick Hendrickszens. During the early 1700’s the fourth generation had dropped the "Van", and the name Dusinberre was taken by the Henry Dusinberre family. They lived within the confines of Fort Amsterdam. At Fort Amsterdam around 1665 writes Doris Dusinberre Burle, "The governor ordered a wooden palisade built across the island about a half-mile north of the southern tip. The palisade was to stretch from the banks on the East River to the banks of the North (Hudson) River. The palisade was ten feet high and made of thick planks. A walkway was built so the defenders could look down on any attackers. Before the job was finished, a street began to grow on the town side. It became known as the "Wall" Street. Over the years the palisade would fall into disrepair as the dreaded Indian attacks failed to materialize. The farmers would rip the planks down to use as building material and firewood. The palisade would disappear but the street and the name would not." Nine Generations after the newcomers of the 1650’s, Claude Samuel Dusinberre was born. Claude moved out west, became a railroad worker and married Wilhelmina (Minnie) Amelia Feidler. The grandson of Claude and Minnie Dusinberre, Jeff Smith established Dusinberre Cellars in 1982. Dusinberre Cellars is located at the historic winery on Larkmead Lane between the towns of Calistoga, and St. Helena in the beautiful Napa Valley. The cellar is not open to the public, however arrangements can be made to visit the wine museum by contacting the winemaker at


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