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ClearWeather Wines We produce wines from the finest vineyards of Washington and Oregon States. Our wines are handcrafted in small lots as we emphasize quality over quantity. The aging process takes place in both French and Oregon Oak barrels. We have numerous stainless steel tanks for aging and cold stabilizing wines that require it. It is our belief that wines should not be over-oaked and should have a good balance. We do not make "cookie cutter" wines. We try and define the best of the variety, sometimes going very close to the edge of traditional winemaking practices. We invite you to come visit us, try our wines, and prove that you CAN make a good wine in Montana.


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  Blue Frank
Blue Frank was born in a log cabin in the little town of Lemberg, Western Canada. Growing up, he had dreams of moving to Montana to be a dental floss farmer. At the age of 45, he moved out of his mother's house and started to Montana. Somehow, he lost his directions, drifted through Hanford (where he ended up blue), and arrived at the onion factory in Patterson, Washington. After living on red wine and Walla Walla Sweet Onions for three years, Blue Frank finally made his way to Montana. In Missoula, he found out that the bottom had fallen out of the dental floss business. Being broke, tired, disillusioned, and Blue, he did the only thing he could. He sold his old VW Bus and bought a guitar. In three short days, he learned to sing the blues. To this day, you can still find him, sitting at the Farmer's Market, old hat and bottle of wine in front of him, singing the blues on his old guitar. This wine is made from the Lemberger grape. It is a big fruity wine, with limited tannins. The front end is very smooth with a long cherry finish. This wine will go with most foods.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
This Cabernet Sauvignon is comprised of grapes from the Champoux Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills AVA of Washington State. We used a very slow and cool fermentation process followed by 10 months of aging on, predominantly, Oregon Oak. It presents a multi-layered, complex fruit background with well integrated tannins. Cherry, plum, and black currant are evident in both the bouquet and flavor profile. The Oregon Oak leaves a spicy sensation on the front to mid-pallet. Drink now until 2012.
  Lake Missoula Red
The Lake Missoula Red comes from the Lemberger grape, which can be traced back to Germany and Austria. It is reported to be the favorite wine of Napoleon. Washington, Oregon, and New York are among the only places outside of Europe where this particular grape is grown. In addition, it is a clone of the Gamay grape and is often blended with Pinot Noir grapes. This wine is dry, fresh, and fruity with mild tannins and exhibits dark chocolate and black raspberry flavors. This wine pairs wonderfully with BBQ foods, wild meats, and full-bodied cheeses.
  Lake Missoula Rose
We crafted this with the holidays in mind. It is a fruity wine with two percent residual sugar. Strawberries are the highlight of the fruit in this wine. This selection is perfect for a Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner with family and friends.
Like a sunset, this Merlot brings tranquility and contentment. It is a elegant, well balanced wine with soft tannins. The fruit comes forward with notes of black cherry and raspberry. Its a great wine on its own, but also goes well with food. Rib Steak as well as a Roast Beef sandwich would be outstanding with this selection. Enjoy through 2010.
  Muscat Canelli
We are happy to present this Muscat Canelli, whose grapes come from the finest vineyard in Washington State. It was a special treat for us to acquire these grapes and we hope that you enjoy our efforts. This wine exhibits strong apricot, honeydew, and peach flavors to accentuate the lingering floral finish. It can paired with most desserts or spicy cuisines or savored on its own.
  Orange Riesling
A wonderful combination of Riesling and Orange explodes in your mouth. This semi-dry wine brings forth memories of holiday dinners with good food and friends. It takes you back to spring days rejoicing in warmth and excitement and summer days blending into colorful fall nights.
  Reserve Merlot
This Reserve Merlot was fermented from grapes from Champoux Vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills appellation in Washington State. The wine is a full bodied wine bringing big notes of Black Liquorice, Bold Dark Red Plums. The tannins are soft and very approachable. This wine is drinkable now but needs 1 to 3 years to fully mature. Enjoy through 2020.
The wine grapes originate from the Champoux Vineyard in central Washington State. This wine is almost pure Riesling. We added just a touch of Muscat, leaving one percent residual sugar. This Riesling is best when slightly chilled.


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