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Joseph Cellars

Joseph Cellars As a family-owned Winery and Vineyard; we grow grapes and produce some fantastic wines. Our focus is crafting wines from 33 acre property located in the Northern part of Napa Valley. Our Cabernet grapes are sourced from our vineyard, The Bartholomew Family Vineyard located on the Valley floor of the property. Our property encompasses two AVA’s, the newly formed Calistoga Appellation & Diamond Mountain Appellation. From the minute you park your car and make your way to our terraced court yard between the caves & winery it starts...the stunning views of Mount St. Helena & the Palisades, the soaring sheer rock cliffs that vertically climbing 150 feet. Enter our caves and you'll experience the cool drop in temperature while your nose is greeted with aromas of oak and wine. Come in to the upper level of the winery and you'll walk by the fermentation area below while making your way to the tasting room, enjoy the views, good conversation and Joseph Cellars Wine.


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4455 Saint Helena Highway, Calistoga, CA, US, 94515 Email:
Phone: 707-942-9999 Web:
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  1998 Cabernet Franc
A 100% varietal Bordeaux type wine that has a wide range of flavors and soft tannins adding to it's complexity. An unfiltered wine that is truly a leader in the Bordeaux class of wines. Silver and Bronze Medals.
  1999 Syrah
A Rhone style wine called Shiraz in Australia. The first vintage from the Johnson vineyard. It is full-bodied with loads of front fruit. The wine is darkly colored and has a "full mouth feel". Enjoy this wine anywhere you would normally use Cabernet Sauvignon.
  2000 Cabernet Sauvignon
A superb example of El Dorado fruit from the Von Huene vineyard in Camino and the Tillotson vineyard in Shingle Springs. A 100% varietal Cabernet Sauvignon. Bronze Medals.
  2000 Merlot
Our SECOND Merlot wine from the Caso vineyard on Union Ridge Road near Placerville from some of the oldest vines in El Dorado County. A yield of 2 tons per acre produced intense concentrated flavors. The Caso Vineyard is an "Old Vine" vineyard Merlot that yields hearty, full-bodied wines with soft mature tannins, yet with a full load of up-front fruit. Enjoy with a wide range of foods, or enjoy a glass before lunch or dinner. Bronze Medal.
  2000 Vintner's Select
A Rhone blend wine from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault grapes, all of which are commonly planted in the SE part of France along the Rhone river. Due to our climate and soil match, these grapes grown here in El Dorado County exhibit flavors, aromas and tastes that match closely those of the French Rhone region. This wine is typically soft on the finish with low tannins, high fruitiness and pronounced aromas. Ideal with game, lamb and spicy dishes. Silver Medal.
  2001 Cabernets
Our 2001 Bordeaux Blend red wine is an outstanding example of Sierra Foothill Cabernets made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot in a French fashion. The wine shows the positive influence of our shallow, rocky soil and mountain climate on the finished aromas and flavors of the wine. A synergistic balance of acid and fruit. Compliments red meats, game and hearty dishes. Serve @ 65-70 °F. Food Pairing Suggestion: Soft mozzarella cheese in a garlic, basil and olive oil marinade is wonderful with this Bordeaux style blend.
  2001 Chardonnay RESERVE
Fermented and aged in 2-year-old French oak barrels "Sur lie" until fined prior to bottling. Very light on oak flavors -- high in fruit flavors. Very French.
  2001 Mataro (Mourvedre)
Mataro is the Spanish name for Mourvedre, a grape grown extensively in the Rhone region of France as well as north of Barcelona in Spain. It came to California with the earliest of settlers since it could be dry farmed. This wine has unique aromas, taste and mouth feel with a long after-taste. Compliments a wide range of light foods up through a pork loin. 85% Mourvedre and 15% Barbera. A People Friendly Wine! Food Pairing Suggestion: Try a glass of Mataro with peaches and brie on crackers - you'll be coming back for seconds (a favorite at our Passport weekends).
  2001 Sangiovese
A 100% varietal California Chianti. Grown by Sutter Ridge Vineyards in Amador County. Delicate aromas and full bodied flavors - best served with meat and pasta dishes. A gold medal winner at the 2004 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.. Silver and Bronze Medals.
  2001 Sauvignon Blanc
A crisp wine in a Burgundian style that is light in oak and loaded with fruit. Secondary malo-lactic fermentation was NOT used so as to retain the true varietal characteristics that include aromas of citrus and apple. This is your seafood and shellfish wine. Food Pairing Suggestion: Excellent compliment to salmon spread on crackers as a before dinner appetizer.
  2002 Grenache
Red Grenache is a Rhone style wine. Loaded with front fruit that matches well with spicy food (Chinese and Thai). Serve slightly chilled or a cool room temperature. Silver Medal.
  2002 Roussanne
A Rhone white wine similar to Viognier. Grown and produced in a style that is light oak in flavors and has soft tannins. Abundant fruit flavors. No secondary fermentation so as to retain the true varietal characteristics.
  Barbera Reserve
This is our third Barbera of the 2000's and is designated Reserve by the winemaker. This Italian variety is best known for its aging potential as well as its drinkability. The extended hang time of the fruit in the vineyard resulted in intense varietal characteristics with black cherry flavors. Medium tannins.
  Pinot Gris
A smooth yet complex Pinot Gris (pinot Grigio in Italy) that was grown and produced in a style light in Oak and tannins yet loaded with fruit, grape and nut flavors. Secondary fermentation was not induced in order to retain the true varietal characteristics.
  Zinfandel (Safari Vineyard)
This is the second vintage from the Safari Vineyard. It is full-bodied with loads of front fruit. This wine shows the positive influence and interaction of soil, climate and aggressive vineyard practices (thinning, leaf-removal and water management) on the finished aromas, flavors and body of the wine. An excellent example of a Sierra Foothill Zinfandel. Compliments most red meats and sauces. Serve @ 65-70 F.
  Zinfandel (Clarke Vineyard)
This Zinfandel comes from a premier El Dorado county vineyard located at a lower elevation in Latrobe. It is a big bold Zin with a minimum of residual sugar. Serve with red meat and sauces


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