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Medovina Mead, or honey wine, is perhaps the oldest of alcoholic beverages. Simply put, it is wine made from honey instead of grapes. Like grape wine, it can be crafted with either a dry or a sweet finish. Medovina produces its own honey, from which it hand crafts its mead. Our beeyards are nestled in Old Town Niwot – in the shade of large cottonwoods planted nearly a century ago by early homesteaders. In what is truly a miracle of nature, flowers use photosynthesis to transform atmospheric carbon dioxide and water to nectar, a complex blend of sucrose and trace amounts of aromatics, essential oils and other delightful compounds. The bees gather this nectar from the unique flora in the Niwot area. The bees provide vital enzymes which break down the nectar into simple sugars. Inside our beehives, and over the course of several months, the nectars transform naturally into a consistently rich, premium honey. As summer gives way to autumn, Medovina begins harvesting the honey and crafting its mead. Our Old World process preserves the rich floral extracts present in our honey. Our meads are produced naturally, without filtering or added sulfites. Alcohol, honey and acidity are harmonized by producing our meads slowly, in small batches, and barrel aging them before bottling. Further aging occurs naturally in the bottle and full maturity can be expected in 3 to 8 years, but you do not have to wait that long to enjoy them. Medovina honey wine is a unique culinary experience, try it on a fresh palate: take three sips, then decide.

Diagonal Highway (CO 119) to Niwot Road, between Boulder and Longmont. Turn east to Franklin, then left on Franklin straight through the 4-way stop at 2nd. Turn right on 3rd Ave. Look for "Bee Crossing" sign at fifth house on left.

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  Ancient Mead
Mead dates back to Phoenician times, 2,000 BC. Eons ago, it is likely that comb honey, water and wild yeast combined naturally as rain drizzled into a beehive nestled in a tree hollow. Sunlight provided the warmth, time did its magic, and men and women alike, to their great pleasure, discovered mead. With Ancient Mead, Medovina seeks to emulate the natural process by which honey, yeast and water are transformed into mead: the nectar of the gods. Ancient Mead is a no nonsense, intense mead. It is dominated by alcoholic, earthy flavors with hints of nuts and yeast. A great compliment to rich food like beef and game, it will be available in either Dry or Off Dry finishes.
  Classic Mead
Classic Mead is Medovina’s most versatile mead. Our goal with Classic mead is to produce a mead with enough complexity and structure to be interesting as a stand alone libation. At the same time we are targeting a mead that is not so overpowering that pairing it with dinner entrees becomes difficult. Classic Mead is a pleasant sipping mead, but it also works with appetizers, main courses, or after dinner. Classic Mead is available in an Off Dry or Semi Sweet finish. Classic Mead is best appreciated at cellar temperatures or slightly chilled. The Off Dry Classic Mead can be accurately described as a BIG mead. The nose is clean, somewhat floral with just a hint of something sweet. The taste is bold, rich and complex. The earthy tones warm the palate and both contrast and compliment the more floral notes to the nose. A hint of sweetness is evident on the finish. Classic Off Dry would compliment the most robust of meals - a hearty beef stew, elk, duck, goose or Thanksgiving turkey.
  Harvest Cyser
Medovina Harvest Cyser is produced by combining premium honey with organic Colorado Western Slope apple cider. This blend (known as Cyser) is then fermented in the same way as grapes are fermented to produce wine. It differs from hard cider in several ways. Most importantly Medovina Harvest Cyser has significantly higher alcohol, almost double that of hard cider. It is less acidic, especially with regard to volatile acid (VA) and has a more subtle expression of apples. Notes of honey are evident. It is more mead like than cider like.
  Paonia Peach
In Colorado peach country, summer nights are warmed as the Rocky Mountains release the day’s warmth. This microclimate produces amazing peaches. Only the finest and freshest organic peaches from Colorado’s Western Slope are chosen by Medovina for its Paonia Peach Honey Wine. Delicate expressions of peach are revealed in the bouquet, color and finish of this mead. Hints of honey provide a sweet and balanced finish. Paonia Peach will be available in either Off Dry or Semi Sweet finishes.
  Stinging Rose
Niwot shrub roses are prolific producers of fragrant blossoms. Early in June and just after sunrise, Medovina hand picks select rose petals, then steeps them carefully to express their delicate aromas. Honey is added to the rose water, and the magic begins. The bouquet and color of this mead unmistakably and delicately capture the essence of the wild rose. Stinging Rose is now available in Off Dry finish.
  Summer Solstice
OK, so it's not exactly a light mead. I guess Medovina meads just want to be bold and brassy. It's about 13% alcohol and is chock full of body and mouth feel. There are notes of honey, lemon and pepper (in that order). The finish is delightfully refreshing with citrus tartness. It is best served well chilled. As it warms up in your glass, flavor profiles shift a bit which creates interest.
  Sweet Melissa
Sweet Melissa is similar to Classic Mead, except that it has more honey and a much sweeter, distinctively honey finish. It's not cloying or sticky. On the tip of your tongue you'll experience the honey but on the back of your palate the finish is off dry and beckons you to have another sip. It is a full bodied and heavenly mead - definitely in the dessert category. It has slightly higher acidity than our drier meads this balances out the sweetness. Alcohol is apparent, but not dominate. Great with dessert or as a sipping dessert. If you enjoy dessert wines, you owe it to yourself to give Sweet Melissa a try.


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