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Barrett & Barrett Wines

Barrett & Barrett Wines When we started this project we thought of the design and imagery we wanted to on our label that expressed our philosophy, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. As winegrowers we work intimately with the the land, the sea and the sky. The land is the soils of our distinctive vineyards, the sea is the water that nurtures the vines, and the Sky is the weather that changes every year. We wanted to tie these elements; the physical and philosophical - land, sea and sky - together into one. Heidi has long used the symbol of the magical mermaid with her La Sirena, as it captures her personality and artistic creativity. Bo is absolutely defined by the description of his Chinese astrological sign the "Wood Horse". Look it up - if you've ever met him, you would agree. The challenge was deciding on how to take these different design concepts and brining them together into a symbol that captured the both of us. Months into the myriad paths of wonderful images and information we explored, we began gravitating towards a design style also reflecting the antiquity of wine. The history of wine spans thousands of years and is closely intertwined with the history of agriculture, cuisine, civilization and humanity itself. The imagery found in antiquity is elegant, simple and expressive. So we had a distinctive style in mind, but what about the image? Further searching the art and images of antiquity led to ancient coins. Which led to a slight off target tangent; where were the first coins ever struck? These first coins were created in the Kingdom of Lydia, an ancient eastern Mediterranean culture located in what is now western Turkey. The Lydian coin images naturally led to that culture’s jewelry and other images. Suddenly there is was! A wonderful necklace pendant with a flying Hippocampus (sea-horse). We had found our image. The flying Hippocampus became the design image for Barrett & Barrett and "et voilà!" We have our own unique antiquarian coin! We later saw a similar actual Lydian coin in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. The Barrett & Barrett logo is indeed a combination of magical sea creature & a horse - Land, sea and sky. Perfect.


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