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Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery

Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery Nestled at the foot of Wintergreen Resort and atop the rolling hills of the Rockfish Valley, sits Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery. Originally opened as a pick-your-own blackberry farm, the family owned and operated business expanded into a winery in the late 1990's. Owners, Marlyn and Sue Allen, were at the forefront of what is now a budding industry by being one of the first wineries in Virginia to offer specialty wines. The operation has grown to include not only a new line of historical wines, but a new generation of help. Three sisters, Kimberly Allen Pugh, Crystal Allen Wulin, and Marlo Gayle Allen, are welcome additions to the ever-growing family operation. Soon to expand and offer both indoor and outdoor meeting facilities, Hill Top promises to never outgrow its family roots and southern hospitality.

From Charlottesville: I-64 west to Crozet (exit 107), left on Rt. 250 west, left on Rt. 151 south, approximately 10 miles, turn left at Tuckahoe Antique Mall on Rt. 612, bear right across bridge, top of hill on left.

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2800 Berry Hill Road, Nellysford, VA, US, 22958 Email:
Phone: 434-361-1266 Web:
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  Blue Heeler
Our faithful guest greeter finally has a wine worthy of her name. We are proud to introduce a rich, full bodied blueberry wine. This dry wine contains more antioxidants than any other wine and thus may make some ponder if wine or dog is man's best friend.
  Blue Ridge Mountain Mead
Best known as the drink of the Vikings, this traditional honey mead wine is made strictly from honey and is the oldest fermented beverage. A versatile wine; can be used for cooking, enjoyed with a meal, or simply savored all by itself.
  Blueberry Melomel
A semi-sweet melomel made from farm fresh blueberries and blackberry bloom honey. Treat yourself to a glass as a dessert or pair it with a cheesecake. As an appetizer, try it with smoked gouda cheese.
  Cranberry Table Wine
Hold on to your taste buds. This tart wine goes well with baked or grilled chicken or with turkey during the holidays; makes a refreshing seabreeze or cranberry lemonade as well.
  Little Heeler
This decadently sweet blueberry wine caters to the dessert wine drinker. It is heavy in body and offers a whole new meaning to "True to the Fruit".
  Mountain Apple Wine
One of our dry "true to the fruit" wines that can be served with an appetizer such as a sharp cheddar cheese; it is also particularly pleasing with a pork entrée.
  Peach Wine
A delicate wine that is like taking a bite of a ripe juicy peach; perfect with poultry or seafood or even as an after dinner refreshment.
  Pear Sangria
Our pear table wine serves as the base of our ever popular sangria wine. Enjoyed by many at special events and festivals, this pear wine and fruit blend is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Accept no other, this is the original that won you over! *Served by the glass.
  Pear Table Wine
This full bodied wine is true to the pear fruit. While it is considered a semi-dry, the essence of the fruit will leave a hint of sweetness on your pallet..
Perry is a pear mead, a drink popular in the British Isles for centuries. It is strong, full bodied, slightly sweet and the perfect after dinner wine. Pair it with strong cheeses, smoked foods, or nutty desserts. Also a medal recipient in San Francisco!
  Pounding Branch Persimmon Melomel
Made from the fruits of the mountain not the farm, our persimmon melomel was first introduced in 2003. Availability of this delectable persimmon and honey blend is highly dependent upon the wild persimmon crop.
  Pyment (Modern Style)
This dry, white wine is a modern spin on an old Roman favorite. While the Romans preferred a sweet pyment, many modern day mead drinkers find this dry version equally pleasing. Made from Niagara grapes and honey.
  Pyment (Traditional Style)
Our Roman specialty is available in two styles. Our original sweet, red pyment is made from Concord grapes and honey and represents a traditional old style honey wine.
  Raspberry Melomel
Also on the dry side, this melomel is made from vine-ripened raspberries and honey. You will find it especially enjoyable with a sharp cheddar cheese.
  Rockfish River Cyser
Dating back to the middle ages, cyser, an apple and honey blend, was made in monasteries in England. Tailored to the dry wine drinker, cyser is a honey wine that is surprisingly not sweet. Pair it with smoked meat or cheese.
  Strawberry Melomel
A unique sipping wine with a delightful strawberry bouquet. Slightly sweet and packed with fresh fruit flavor, this strawberry honey wine is sure to please the senses. Pair it with an assortment of food like cheesecake, almonds, and country ham. Looking for a great cigar wine; try it with a fine cigar and you will be sold!
  Sweet Cherry
A fun wine that is sure to please both sweet and dry wine drinkers; this specialty fruit wine has a pleasant sweet/tart contrast.
  Three Sisters Elderberry
A new release for 2008, Three Sisters is made from elderberries grown on the farm. This red wine is full bodied, sweet and delicious. It is very versatile, as it pairs with red meats and also desserts. Native Americans believed elderberry wine had special healing powers.
  Virginia Blackberry Wine
A little sweeter, but still semi-dry this wine is made from our most abundant fruit of the farm, blackberries. Harvested and then iced before pressing and fermentation permits the best flow of juice. Complements red meats, but also great with Italian or pasta dishes.
  Virginia Blackberry Wine (Dry)
A surprisingly dry wine and among our most popular blackberry line of wines. Can be enjoyed with any meal, but especially enhances the flavor of grilled red meats. On a cold winter day, try warming up to this as a base of our hot blackberry mulled wine.
  Virginia Blush Wine
Ever stood eating grapes near a Concord vine, perhaps as a child visiting your grandparents? Just the aroma of this semi-dry Concord and Niagara grape wine will make memories come alive.
  Virginia Plum Wine
Delicate and mild, this semi-dry wine goes well with seafood, an oriental stir-fry or any spicy dish.
  Virginia Raspberry Wine
Our signature wine made from premium red raspberries; a semi-dry wine that is great paired with grilled salmon or fresh salad greens.


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