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Bees Brothers Meadery

Bees Brothers Meadery Bees Brothers Winery exclusively makes mead, in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. This wine contains no grapes! The wine is made from fermenting honey diluted with water. The result is a wine, possibly the oldest fermented drink known to man. The incredibly diverse floral bouquets and fragrances come from the honey that the bees collect. The honey we use is from the desert Southwest. Our honey is some of the finest honey in the world. After many trials, we like the honey gathered from alfalfa blooms and wildflowers that we get from a beekeeper in southern New Mexico. Rich in color and flavor, the honey makes a mead with a golden color and many subtle floral flavors.


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619 Nowicki Lane SW, Albuquerque, NM, US, 87105 Email:
Phone: 505-452-3191 Web:
Fax: 505-452-3192
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  Cranberry Mead
A blend of mead and cranberry wine. By taste it is our driest mead. 13% alcohol, 3% residual sugar as honey
  Queen's Mead
A traditional mead, Queen's Mead is light with a delicate honey flavor. 13% alcohol, 3% residual sugar as honey
  Raspberry Mead
A blend of mead and raspberry wine. A soft raspberry flavor in a mead base. 13% alcohol, 5% residual sugar as honey
  Spiced Mead
Spiced Mead is Queen's Mead with five added spices. It is ready to drink hot or cold, most fully appreciated served warm. 13% alcohol, 3% residual sugar as honey


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