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Blacksmiths Winery

Blacksmiths Winery William Watkins apprenticed as the South Casco blacksmith in his late teens. As the village smithy, he worked long hours, and neighbors saw sparks from his forge well into the night. He was notorious as a demanding craftsman, even making his own nails as he insisted machine-made nails were no good. Blacksmiths Winery opened 140 years later at the same location. Come visit the original Watkins' home, barn, and blacksmith shop. While you're here, be sure to sample our award winning wines. We like to think that each one continues the blacksmith's spirit of craftsmanship.

From the South and North: Take the Maine Turnpike (Interdstate 95) to Exit 63 (Gray, Maine). Turn left onto Route 202 (West bound). Follow Route 202 to Route 115. Route 115 veers off Route 202 to the right. Proceed on Route 115 to Route 302 in North Windham, Maine. Turn right on Route 302 through North Windham and Raymond to South Casco Village. Blacksmiths is on the right opposite the Cry of the Loon Shops. From the West: Take Route 302 through Naples to South Casco Village. Blacksmiths is on the left opposite the Cry of the Loon Shops.

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967 Quaker Ridge Road, South Casco, ME, US, 04077 Email:
Phone: 207-655-3292 Web:
Fax: 603-238-6682
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This is Blacksmiths most popular wine. We make two different wines and blend them together to make our Blueberry wine. The first is made from native Maine blueberries. These are the lowbush variety that are often called wild blueberries here in Maine. They're tiny berries with an intense fruit flavor. We get ours from Hancock and Washington Counties, otherwise known as "Down East Maine". We ferment the berries whole in temperature controlled stainless steel wine tanks and then gently press off the juice. The result is an off-dry fruity wine with fresh, zesty flavors.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Blacksmiths 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon was made from 100% cabernet sauvignon grapes from Washington's Columbia Valley. The wine was fermented and aged in 100% French oak barrels for 3 years. Deep garnet color. Ripe red cherry nose with complex spice, smoke, and vanilla notes. Forward fruit on the palate, supported by a substantial structure. Balanced oak and long-lasting fruit on the finish.
  Casco Port
This is Blacksmiths' classic ruby port, with fresh flavors of plum, prune, raisin and cherry. Ours is a lighter style port than you might be accustomed to, although it's hearty enough to stand up to dark chocolate deserts, Stilton and other blue cheeses and of course, the classic port food pairing, walnuts.
Chambourcin is one of the more recent French hybrids, developed by Cornell University and first commercially available in the early 1960's. It's known for it's deep color, yet despite its rich appearance, it makes a light red wine, much like the fruity reds of northern Italy. Chambourcin makes a good choice for grilled foods, even if you slather on a hot and vinegary barbecue sauce.
Blacksmiths Chardonnay is reminiscent of French white burgundy. The Northeast's cooler climate produces grapes with a crisp acidity, which results in balanced wines that pair beautifully with food. We use the best small French oak barrels that money can buy to ferment and age our Chardonnay. Wines from France and California produced this way easily cost twice as much. It's worth a trip to the winery to get this great wine for just $13.00.
In Blacksmithing, commissure is the point where two metal objects are joined together. At Blacksmiths Winery, Commissure is our off-dry red blend of two softer, lighter red grapes in a Beaujolais style. It's a good match with a ham sandwich or pasta and pairs especially well with any dish containing basil.
Elderberries are reputed to be the one fruit other than red wine grapes that can produce a Bordeaux style wine. We treat the Elderberry just as we would a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. That is, we ferment the elderberries on the skin in small French oak barrels and then press off the juice. The wine produced is aged in the same French barrels for 18 months. Blacksmiths Elderberry is a dry red wine with a pronounced peppery flavor. Most of the elderberries we use are wild Maine elderberries that we pick on an annual pilgrimage to Brooksville, Maine. Every September we drive through the Maine countryside and stop wherever we see ripe elderberries on the roadside. Eventually we get to Brooksville where we get fruit from some named cultivars grown by a photographer who produces outstanding elderberries.
A dry red wine made from grapes from the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy with many grilled foods. Not to be confused with the aromatic cheese of a similar name.
We get the grapes for our Merlot from Washington State's sunny Columbia Valley. There, they are able to grow consistently fine, fruity, well structured grapes well suited to making excellent Merlot. We ferment and age our Merlot in small French oak barrels.
  Pinot Gris
Pinot Gris (also called Pinot Grigio in Italy) is a pleasant and tasty grape that might remind you of cream and apples. It has full flavors of rich peach and pear, and an exciting spicy quality and acidity in the mouth. Lovely with salads, appetizers and simply prepared fish and shellfish. Our Pinot Gris is very concentrated and rich.
Raspberry wine was never part of the plan but sometimes the best things in life just happen. Now, this is not the least bit romantic, but the result is magical: A fruit packager made a small mistake so that when the fruit box was opened it would rip the bag of raspberries inside. Whoops. Could a winery use them, they asked? We took a few to make a small test batch. Wow! This is definitely a dessert style wine. The Raspberry perfume is so pronounced it seems impossible it could taste as great as it smells, but unbelievably, it does! Serve this wine at dessert with nothing more that the best chocolate truffles you can find.
90% Rhubarb, 5% Cherry, 5% Vidal Blanc. Fresh and clean with a zingy fresh rhubarb finish. Is it a fruit or vegetable? Who cares!
Never tried Roughshod? It's made from Native Maine Blueberries fortified with Brandy. It's delicious by itself as a sipping wine that will warm you to your toes, or try it in a Roughshod cocktail. For Summer, lighten Roughshod with Vidal Blanc or Sparkling Blueberry for a refreshing wine cocktail.
As we continue to improve our relationships with our Washington growers, we have been able to add new varieties of grapes. In 2003 we were fortunate to get 1 ton of Sangiovese grapes from one of the best blocks grown by Kestrel Vineyards in the Yakima Valley near Prosser, Washington.
  Sparkling Cranberry
Bright pink color, clear and clean with an elusive cranberry and citry nose. The flavor is a balanced sweet and tart cranberry while the Vidal Blanc provides a crisp finish.
  Sparkling Maine Blueberry
75% Wild Maine Blueberry, 25% New York State Vidal Blanc. This is Blacksmiths' classic blueberry wine, lightly carbonated. It's light and refreshing for summer, yet full bodied enough to accompany just about any food. The Vidal Blanc provides a fragrant nose and a crisp finish.
As we continue to improve our relationships with our Washington growers, we have been able to add new varieties of grapes. In 2003 we were fortunate to get 1 ton of Syrah grapes from one of the best blocks grown by Kestrel Vineyards in the Yakima Valley near Prosser, Washington.
One of the things we most enjoy about having our own winery is the opportunity to taste all the different barrels of wine we make and consider how we can blend them to make the best wine possible. If you've ever had the chance to visit the winery and talk to one of us about barrels, you know that we can talk endlessly about the subject. While we were trying different possibilites for the 2002 Chardonnay, we started to get a little more creative than ususal. By the time we were done, we had a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Vidal Blanc. We thought we had come up with something pretty special so we had to give it a special name. We settled on Trillium, a three petal wildflower native to eastern North Amerca and particularly beloved by the people of Maine.
  Vidal Blanc
Made from 100% Vidal Blanc grapes, Blacksmiths Vidal Blanc is a white wine with a hint of sweetness to balance its crisp, clean acidity. This wine has fresh fruit flavors of peach, strawberry and kiwifruit. It pairs perfectly with tropical salsas, spicy foods, salmon, scallops and Maine lobster. This is the most popular wine among visitors to the Tasting Room.


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