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Carmody McKnight Estate Wines

Carmody McKnight Estate Wines Many millions of years ago, titanic forces of evolution pushed and pulled from deep within the mantle of the earth to form a mountain range we now call the Santa Lucias. Another smaller fracture erupted while an inland sea was cut off from the great ocean, finally forming a valley of marine deposits overrun from the fiery volcanic rock seeping down from this rupture. So a valley was created, unlike any vineyard land…the valley of Carmody McKnight, where the soils possess a wondrous combination of limestone, montmorillonite (“the wonder soil"), and volcanic rock. In our time, this is now a legendary place, unique on this earth. The vineyards of Carmody McKnight seem miraculous, but science explains the geological marvel. The estate wine from vines where roots explore rare mineral earth breached from cataclysmic events eons ago, testify to the perfection of super soils and sublime climate. Astonishingly, even though our wine possesses more nutrients and minerals than any in the world, fertilization has never been necessary in the vineyard – the ultimate expression of “terroir”!


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11240 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles, CA, US, 93446 Email:
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  Cabernet Franc
Renowned for its pure varietal expression, our Cabernet Franc is a champion. This exciting and intriguing varietal nourishes in the rare volcanic, Montmorillonite, and limestone soils of our mountain vineyards. These soils, unique in the world’s vineyards, coupled with perfect microclimates create a Cabernet Franc unparalled in structure, balance, and vitality. The brilliant garnet color heralds an alluring bouquet of raspberry, wild roses, maraschino cherries and a sensuous mouth feel of spice, mocha and black fruit preserves. The Cabernet Franc finishes seductively in a long and surprisingly complex aftertaste.
  Chardonnay “Day in the Country”
Day in the Country is a world apart, comparable only to the great French Chablis and the few natural Chardonnays that now exist in the United States. It is not about oak, oak, and more oak. It is about flavors unmasked, unleashed! The natural, wondrous flavors of Chardonnay, fresh flavors you might actually experience for the first time! Day in the Country is the ultimate expression of terroir!
  Estate Cabernet Sauvignon
Brilliant, deep ruby red color, exquisite. Seductive aromas of crushed cherries and dark chocolate play into sumptuous flavors of ripe fruit coursing through this dazzling, sophisticated wine. Remarkable for its depth and complexity and also for its balance and restraint.
  Estate Chardonnay "Free Run"
Carmody McKnight Estate Chardonnay is best compared to the classics of Chablis and Burgundy, because our Chardonnay is not about excessive oak. It is about natural flavors -- flavors that probably you will be experiencing for the first time! The true flavors of the “queen of the grapes.” Not stripped away fruit, with barrel wood flavor replacement.
  Estate Chardonnay “Marian's Vineyard”
Chardonnay with a concentrated core of perfectly ripened white peach, pear, and fig. Turns elegant and extraordinarily delicate, enhanced by a citrus-infused tropical finish. The unwoody “real” Chardonnay is rare in California -- dependent on the synergy of ideal soils and microclimates! Free-run, a major component of our Chardonnay and a secret behind its fresh, tropical-rich quality, is the pure juice that flows free of the skins and seeds prior to pressing the fruit. Keeping the Free-run separate results in a cleaner, crisper, natural juice to ferment.
  Estate Merlot
A feast for the eye with hues of vivid ruby-red and velvety purple. Incredibly lush with a sleek, elegant, concentrated array of herb-laced currant, espresso, and blackberry. Cassis and spice dominate a soft full, rounded entry. A provocative, expansive palate finishes with hints of cherries and dark chocolate, revealing nuanced structure and quintessential balance. Our estate Merlot redefines the Merlot experience.
  Estate Pinot Noir
The most romantic of wines, our estate Pinot Noir is surprisingly opulent, yet elegant and velvety textured, with strawberry and berry-earthy savoriness in its overture. Blackberry and spicy plum vie for attention with black cherry and currant flavors, finishing in a final act of subtle tannins, a trace of toasty oak, and a silkiness that glides seductively over the palate.
  Kathleen Brut Cuvée Sparkling Wine
If this is the terroir required to make the finest champagne in the world, and if we know that Carmody McKnight Estate Vineyards have the added advantage of superior microclimates, would one not be compelled to create a sparkling wine? Emphatically, yes! Besides -- champagne is Kathleen's favorite wine. Naturally, Kathleen's Brut Cuvée is the supreme version of the bubbly. Chardonnay 48%, Pinot Noir 45%, Pinot Blanc 7%
  Kathleen Estate Late Harvest Cabernet Franc
Only one in the world! Its opulent harmony derives from the uniqueness of Cabernet Franc grown in the rare limestone, volcanic, and montmorillonite soils of Carmody McKnight Vineyards. Bursting from the glass is a focused flavor of honey-laced raspberry, characteristic of the varietal and superbly magnified in the late harvest. Loads of ripe, lush red fruit round out the experience with undertones of licorice, spice and seductive hints of wildflowers, leaving one to wonder if this is, indeed, the nectar of the Gods
  Kathleen Estate Merlot Red Dessert Wine
After dinner will never be the same. Kathleen's port-style Merlot is full-bodied and luxuriant and as spirited as the wild mustang on the label. Subtly candied with nuances of butterscotch, toffee, and dark chocolate, the wine still speaks to the full array of rich Merlot qualities that characterize the supremely endowed mountain vineyards of Carmody McKnight.
  Kathleen Late Harvest Chardonnay
Deep golden color, vibrant, pure fruit aromas of ripe apricot, tangerine, apricot and pineapple. The finish is aromatic and lingering. Luscious yet wonder-fully fresh and lively, and always alluring!
  Meritage Cadenza
Gorgeously complex, a wondrous display of spicy, mocha-laced currant intermingling with ripe black cherry, cassis, sage and white chocolate. Deeply-layered, intense, with a long, complex finish.


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