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Niagara Landing Wine Cellars

Niagara Landing Wine Cellars You could say it was inevitable that they start a winery. After all, this prime grape growing acreage has been in the Smith family for three generations. But, what was once a two acre vineyard back in 1932 is now 150 acres. With the opening of Niagara Landing Wine Cellars, Peter and Nancy Smith….along with two other couples, Mike & Jackie Connolly and Gary & Lori Hoover…now operate the first winery in Niagara County to open to the public in 20 years. The winery location, at the base of the Niagara Escarpment in the Niagara County town of Lockport, is very well suited for what they do there, of course. The micro-climate is perfect for growing premium grapes. And, most of the wine produced by Niagara Landing Wine Cellars comes from those surrounding vineyards. Niagara Landing Wine Cellars produces thirteen different wines….including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cambria Red, Chardonnay, Blue Marlin Splash, Cambria White, Captain's Choice, Boxer Blush, Stearman Steuban, Misty Niagara, Brut Champagne, Port, and coming this Spring...Red Riesling.


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4434 Van Dusen Road, Lockport, NY, US, 14094 Email:
Phone: 716-433-8405 Web:
Fax: 716-433-5616
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  Blue Marlin Splash
semi-dry, Catawba, luscious full fruit
  Boxer Blush
semi-sweet blush refreshingly smooth and light, with a touch of green apple
  Brut Champagne
dry sparkling wine to enhance any occasion.
  Cabernet Franc
Dry red, tastes of spice and pepper, well balanced.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
dry red, rich & full, young with great promise
  Captain's Choice
medium red, under the command of the Captain himself, you will find this wine starts semi-sweet and ends dry.
Semi-dry, aged in stainless steel and gently oaked light and crisp wine to be served chilled.
Sweet red from Montmorency Cherries grown here in Niagara County.
  Great Lakes Red
ry red blend of Pinot Noir, Baco Noir and Cab Franc, oaky with a light garnet color.
  Great Lakes White
semi-dry white, hints of citrus and green apple flavors, crisp & refreshing (Vidal & Cayuga Blend)
  Late Harvest Niagara
sweet white- late on the vine surrendering the full fruit of the niagara grape.
Dry red, full bodied, with well balanced fruit & tannin. Tastes of Blackberry & spice.
  Misty Niagara
sweet white, luscious and tasting like freshly picked grapes
  Pear Wine
Semi sweet wine from Bartlett Pears grown here in Niagara County.
  Pinot Noir
dry red, a full bouquet, silky smooth with a hint of black cherry
  Port- sweet port
rich and luscious wine to compliment any day- Dessert that pours!
  Red Rooster
Sweet red blend of Niagara and Baco Noir, Worth Crowing About!
semi-dry white, a traditional NY Riesling with fruity bouquet & taste
semi-sweet white, (cross between Germany's Riesling & Oberlin grapes) with a pineapple fruitiness to make your mouth water.
  Stearman Steuben
semi-sweet red hints of ripe berries, light & smooth
  Sweet Captain
sweet red made from the native Concord & heavy with the fruit


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